Garden State

22 07 2006

I’m sitting here on Dennis’ bed watching the movie Garden State. It’s one of the first movies we ever watched together, when I lived at The Liberty building downtown. I’ll be leaving in four days–Tuesday night–and I suddenly feel very sad.
It was quite a shock to realize I’d be leaving on Tuesday. I just found out, really, when I was in Vermont. I thought I’d have a little while longer, at least until the end of the week, but…I guess if I’m gonna go, why put it off ’til later? So, I’m leaving, and I’m in the process of buying some final things and packing up my bags efficiently.

I can’t bring down all of my things because I’ll only be down there for a month at first while I get settled. So when I come back in August, I will bring down everything else I need. So when I pack my bags this time, I can only bring the really important things–and those things include: candles, room spray, my Care Bear, a good selection of teacher clothes, bathing suits, tons of shoes, books…

I’m ready to go I think. I think I’m ready to go because everything feels good and right. The only thing that hurts is leaving Dennis. I think I will bring my copy of Garden State down with me to Brazil so that I can cuddle up in a blanket and pretend like I’m in a place that feels familiar.




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