Practicing my Portuguese.

1 08 2006

After school yesterday, another teacher Josh from New York and I went to Shopping Iguatemi, which is supposedly the biggest mall in South America. It´s pretty big, but I´ve also been to the Mall of America in Minnesota, and that one is much larger. There are TONS of clothing stores in Iguatemi. I know it´s a mall and that goes without saying, but the number of shoe and clothing stores was markedly more than in malls in the US.

Josh is fluent in Portuguese. And he´s got really great pronunciation, so we actually used yesterday as a kind of real-life tutorial in which I would ask him how to say something, he would tell me, and then he´d kind of force me to go talk to someone. So, he told me how to correctly ask where something is–a good restaurant, the movies, etc. It was really nerve-wracking at times, especially when the people would answer really quickly. I´d then look to Josh for help, and he´d smile in a way that said, “You´re on your own.´´ Of course, he knew what they were saying, but he wanted me to figure it out. I can´t tell you how many times I blushed out of confusion.

It seems that I spend a long afternoon practicing the language and learning new words. I have a lot of trouble during the day remembering the words. But then in the morning, I seem to have an easier time. It´s as if in the night the words decided to find a place to stick in my memory. It took me asking Kendra four times what we had to eat on the day we tried “pasteos´´, and I didn´t remember it on my own until the next day. So, I know that if I put in a lot of effort into learning the language one day, it´ll pay off the next.

I think the clock in my room has read 12:27 for two days straight.




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