Planning to Plan.

2 08 2006

I´ve had a bunch of meetings these past few days. We talk about the first day, we talk about protocol for handing out locks for kids´lockers, and then we talk about having more meetings.

Yesterday reminded me of the movie´´Office Space.´´ In it, there is one scene, in the background, there is a whiteboard with a gigantic and confusing flow chart on it. The title of the flow chart is ´´Planning to Plan.´´  That´s how I felt about yesterday´s meeting–we sat down, and for two hours, the middle school faculty had a meeting about meetings: what to do at them, how we would conduct ourselves, etc. We were planning to plan.

The other kind of planning, the kind for my classroom and curriculum, isn´t going so well. It is SO hard to believe that there will be students here tomorrow. Tomorrow! What?! I haven´t gotten a second to breathe this summer, let alone this past week. Tomorrow isn´t really the first full day of classes, though. It´s kind of an intro day. Friday begins the real class schedule, so we´ll see how that goes. I´m kind of excited for it to be over, so that way I know who the kids are, I´ll know their names, I´ll know what they can do and what kinds of things they´re into.

I have to keep remembering that I´m not teaching high school anymore. This is middle school. The kids are going to be smaller, their processing skills are probably going to be slower, and their energy is probably going to be way more spastic. I really am thankful that I´ll be teaching middle school, though. I think high school would be too intimidating for me now. I had a dream about judgemental high school students last night and woke up sweating so much I had to get out of my pajamas.

I am going to lead a film club, though, which will be a good way to meet high school students in a non-threatening, social, and non-academic way. I don´t know why I´m so freaked out about high school–maybe just because this is a private school and my initial judgment is that they would be totally smarter than I. But Film Club will be fun, and we can just totally sit back and analyze camera movements and directors´intentions and motivations.

I have to leave now–the internet folks are coming to set it up in my apartment and I have to be there by four. It will be nice to be connected to the world from my living room instead of this cold, damp classroom.

Tchau for now.




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