First Day.

3 08 2006

I am still awaiting meeting my first class. Kids have been here since I arrived, which was around 7:30, and I have introduced myself to some of them, mostly sixth graders. There was a big assembly this morning in which I was introduced by the high school principal. The school is very small and so the middle and upper schools combined fit onto bleachers that not even my high school graduating class could have managed to squeeze into. I wasn´t nervous. Maybe I should have been, but I really wasn´t. When the hundred or so faces turned to meet mine after my name was called and bio announced, I simply greeted them with a smile and a diva flip of the hair.

I am excited to meet them, and I am expecting that they will test me. I don´t really know what I will say to them, other than to go through the protocol for classroom behavior and whatnot. I would be feeling nervous if I were teaching high school, I think. Eh…wait a second….no, there are a few jitters. Yep. They´re there.

I suppose I am just eager to get this first day over with and tomrrow. The kids are cute here, small and energetic. I am watching them walk down toward the buildings and they are cheerful and talkative. I am eager to meet them and at the same time so unsure of what I´m doing!




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