4 08 2006

This is the view of Cambui in Campinas from my front patio, 10 floors up:

View from the Front Porch

Here is my classroom, taken from the back of the room. My desk is on the right of the picture. Notice the “hallway,” which is outside and looks out onto an old coffee plantation. I am sure there were monkeys in the trees when I took this picture:

My Classroom

It takes a little while to upload pictures, so these are the only two I’ll do now. I have more of my apartment, but this is just an idea of where I live and work.




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17 06 2008

Dear Ms. Coggio,
you may be wondering why I am writing a comment on a post you wrote just about two years ago, its because this was one of your first posts regarding us (the 8th grade) and the school.
I will miss you so much and your classes. I will miss the fact of just thinking of stopping by your classroom in the afternoon. I will miss the way you laugh when I say silly things and when I get Shakespeare all messed up. I will miss the way that we can talk to you about almost everything and the way that I know you will listen to us. I will miss the way that you speak Portuguese in a very cute and adorable way. I will miss the funny things that you write about us on your blog. I will miss you Miss. Gina Coggio, our everlasting Queen.

17 06 2008

Oh, Talita, this comment was just beautiful!! (Your rhetoric, my goodness! how strong!)
What beautiful writing and I hope to see more of it in the future.
Signed, The Royal Princess of EAC.

19 06 2008

Ms.C by that picture i know where you live here in brazil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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