Where I Live.

4 08 2006

So I have three porches–one in the living room, the other in my bedroom, and the third off of the spare bedroom. This first picture is the view from the back porch onto my street. If you click on it and zoom in, you can see what the street is made of. Lots of streets around here are that same cobblestone or brick. It makes for some pretty cool sights, but really bumpy bus rides or taxi rides. I catch the bus off to the top right of the photo. I live near the prefetura, which is like city hall. It’s one street over, so there are always lots of buses going by. The roof on that building below me is typical of the roofs in Cambui, and we have those same roofs at school. (Rooves? That doesn’t look like a word.)

View from the back porch

This is what my apartment looks like when you’re standing on the front porch looking inside. The room goes waaaay back into the kitchen and off of the kitchen, to the left in the back (you can’t see it) is my washroom and ANOTHER bathroom! (3 in all!) The floor is a chunky and very slippery slate and if I am wearing socks, I am in great danger of falling to my death. The walls are bare now, and the furniture is pink. So don’t judge.

Living room into the Kitchen

This final picture is the view of Cambui from my front porch or bedroom porch. Both porches face the same way, so I am confused. The area you’re looking at is my street and all those other tall buildings are other apartment condominiums. The term “condominium” refers to buildings that are gated and have a security guard. There are hundreds in Campinas. Cambui is a really nice area, and although from the 10th floor the city looks big and impersonal, at street-level it is inviting and warm and comfortable. And there are many more trees than what it looks like from here, though it is by no means a green city. There are a few areas in Campinas that are actual forest, so dense it could be the Amazon rainforest; but favelas or big apartment buildings surround those same areas, so the view is a little disturbing. But you can get a good idea of what Cambui looks like from this picture.

Front Porch




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