7 08 2006

There are bats at my school. There are monkeys too, but I haven’t seen them in a bunch of days. There are oppossums, one of which my students told me ended up dead in a trash can with a stinky smell. And at school there are also spiders and cockroaches and, as one girl said, searching for the English equivalent word, “those black flying things that fly around and go ‘bzzzzzzzzzzt.'”

I had my camera today, and good thing too, because I hadn’t seen the bats yet. I went around taking pictures of school for the blog and knew I needed to include these. The bats were actually very cool…just hanging around, shaking a little now and then. I went back three times to visit them and see what they were doing. They were all clustered together at first, and then later some had gone away. I wanted to see them upclose, because they were actually about fourteen feet up. You’ll have to click on the picture to get a better look; I’m afraid my hands may have been shaking when I snapped the shutter close.

Bats in a tree.

The rest of my school is as tropical as the bat picture suggests. Below is my classroom:
Outside of my classroom.

Looking up the hill toward the Middle School building:
Looking up the hill toward the Middle School

Looking up the hill toward the front entrance to the school, near the administrative buildings:
Near admin buildings

And the soccer field:
EAC Fields

It’s pretty sweet.




3 responses

7 08 2006

the pictures are not working. at least not for me!? just thought i’d let you know. take care.

7 08 2006
gina coggio

Are they working for anyone else? Let me know so I can do something about it!!!

8 08 2006

Personally, I love seeing your world down there, but the pictures do seem so small in the original format. I guess I’m getting lazy in this everything-is-so-techno world, but it does seem to be kind of a pain to stop to enlarge every one. But I’ll do it anyway because I am so interested!!

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