The one thing I don’t like. (Well, two things.)

17 08 2006

Once every six days, one of my English classes meets in another room because a sixth grade class uses my room for math. They meet every day at the same time in my room while I have a prep period. Once every six days, our schedules clash and I end up teaching English when they have math. Because my kids are older, the administration thought it would be better for them to move classrooms. So that means that our 7th grade English class moves to their old room from 6th grade for just this one period.

They turn into talkative, uninterested, and distracted kids then, and it does not make me happy. I don’t like going to another room to teach because it thows off my routine. I’m not around my materials, or my desk, or anything that is familiar. My room is nice and cool with a beautiful breeze; this other room is hot and smells weird, although it is much bigger. So I think none of us feels comfortable about being there and the mood is negative.

I love reading aloud to my kids. In New Haven, kids used to ask me to read aloud a lot, and I loved doing it. Here, I am working with younger kids and really want to model good reading. So I was excited to read to them. But today we had class in the other room, and I gotta tell you, I was SO not thrilled. They weren’t either. Disruptive, not paying attention, drawing while we were reading…I eventually stopped reading and had them finish for themselves so that everyone could be accountable for something.

And then at the end of class, I told them point blank: I don’t like the way things feel in this room. We are more talkative and it feels negative. I don’t like it, so we have got to make a big change. When we meet tomorrow we will talk about how to make that room a good place for us. So we’ll see. I’m glad to be back in my room tomorrow all day.

Another thing I am not liking is the bus. People pack in worse than sardines in a can. Morning bus rides are the worst because I am on the bus with 50 million high school students. But I’m not a huge fan of afternoon bus rides, either, because it just gets hot and tight as the ride goes on. It is SO gross. I can’t imagine what it will feel like when “summer” comes. I might actually get a car so I don’t have to bother with the bus anymore. I have to be at the bus stop in the morning around 6:50, which is SO early. I might really get a car.




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