Homeward Bound.

21 08 2006

I am going home!! I leave late Friday night from Sao Paulo and arrive at JFK in the early morning on Saturday. I will be home only for a few days to finish up paperwork. I knew I would be coming home soon, but wasn’t sure until today if I would be leaving this weekend. But I am coming home and I am thrilled!
As much as I love it here, and as comfortable as I feel here, home is home, and nothing beats it. So I will be staying in Connecticut with Dennis (!!!) and his family, and will have a chance to see my mom and friends.
I can’t even think straight. Yesterday I called Dennis crying because I missed him. I think most of my tears were associated to my not really knowing when I would come home and thinking we might miss each other when he leaves for Hawaii. So now that I know I will be coming home this weekend and Dennis will definitely not be at a luau on some beautiful island, all is good.

So now I have to work twice as hard this week to plan for my absence from school next week, which is frustrating, but I am glad to do it. Everyday after school this week I have something scheduled. Tonight it was supposed to be Film club but none of the kids showed up because they’re all at Knowledge Bowl or Band, so I actually got to come home and take a nap. I am also going back to capoeira in an hour or so. Tomorrow is an after school meeting with mentors, then Portuguese class. Wednesday is an after school committee meeting on character education, then it’s Open House at school. Thursday is Portuguese and packing up my things, and Friday is a half-day of school, followed by lots and lots of accreditation meetings. So many meetings!

Ah, but I will go home and soon. Time will fly this week and before I know it, I’ll be looking for Dennis’s face in the crowd at the International Arrivals terminal. I can’t wait.




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