Two New Teachers.

21 08 2006

Even though I should be doing work, I want to write that two new teachers arrived today. One lives in my building; the other lives a few blocks away. The one who lives in my building is from New York; the other is from Bahrain. Tonight we had dinner at our superintendent’s house–so it was four of us girls, all between 23 and 28, and our boss. We drank wine, had spaghetti and salad, and laughed about our experiences in Brazil so far. For the two new teachers, their time in Brazil can be measured in hours. For Kendra and myself, it’s a matter of weeks.
It is so cool to see these two reflect on their time here so far and to realize how similar our experiences have been. For instance, Cheyenne, who lives in my building, told Steve (our boss) tonight: “I think one of the faucets in the kitchen doesn’t work. There’s no hot water.”
Three weeks ago, I said almost the exact sentence, word for word. And the response from Steve was: “I know. There IS no hot water in kitchens. It’s a Brazilian thing.”
This time, tonight, that sentence came out of my mouth. It was nice to impart some practical knowlege, nice to kind of see how far I’d come. For Cheyenne and myself, it’s our first time out of the country for an extended time. I feel like the two of us will be good friends. Well, I actually feel like all of us new teachers will be good friends. All of us are the same age, from very different backgrounds and experiences, and are all totally committed to being here now. It is such a beautiful, unique time in my life and I have to be so thankful for being given this opportunity.




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22 08 2006

More support for your adventure out of the US. I’m sure you’ll need it. I would.

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