Completely Swamped.

22 08 2006

So I had a small freak-out today. Don’t judge. I am just feeling overwhelmed today, especially this afternoon when I had to cram in my full teaching load and two meetings plus class after school. It was not fun and I found myself, for at least the last hour of school, fighting back tears that wanted to roll out of my eyes to evade the stress in my brain.

It is a lot of work trying to prep for a week away from school. And it is really hard working at a small private school, where the place revolves around meetings and activities. I am doing more work here for this school as just a regular teacher than I ever was for the public school where I used to work. And I was loaded down there. It is really hard to believe how busy I am…but the busy-ness here is all administrative or beauraucratic. Committees, meetings, blah, blah, blah. It is a LOT. And maybe this week isn’t the easiest to get all of these meetings started since I am also swamped with prep for next week while I am away.

The truth is, I am a control freak. I don’t know who will be covering my classes, and therefore, I don’t want to put teaching responsibility in that person’s hands. Those are my students, therefore, I want to teach them. I am trying to come up with the lesson plans that involve the least amount of direct substitute-student contact, but I also don’t want the kids to completely lose interest in the subject. So, next week, they will watch “The Sixth Sense” to keep them aligned with studying surprise endings like in O.Henry’s short stories, and in History they will watch “Gladiator” and compare it to what we have studied so far about the fall of the Roman Empire. I will also ask them to search for evidence of the things they researched and try to find evidence in the movie of the Empire crumbling. 

I think if I were a 7th grader, I would really have liked those classes if my teacher went away for a while.

I am so excited to go home. I am so NOT excited for the plane rides, because they are so ridiculously long, but…at least I will go home. And I can’t argue with that. It is time for me to go home now (I am actually at an Internet building…not even remotely a cafe”) and as we all know by now, I have a lot of work to do tonight. Sorry for the complaints, but I think at times like this it is better to write than to sit in my own pool of tears and worry myself into inaction.

‘Tis better already.




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23 08 2006

Have a safe and wonderful trip. I hope that seeing friends and family is exactly what you need. I will look forward to reading more upon your return!
PS the jewelry website is:
And, to be honest the BEST way to see the jewelry is to go to a show( there is a TON of new stuff). How long are you in town? There may or may not be a showing in that stretch of time. If not, maybe your next homecoming! Happy trails!

23 08 2006
Gina Coggio

Hi Marissa–
Thanks for the link. I will actually now be home on September 2 and stay until September 9. Will she be having a show at that time? I looked on the website and a lot of the jewelry actually reminds me of the kinds of jewelry I see here in Campinas at the Hippie Fair (which is not really a “hippie” fair, but more a really cool craft fair) and on a lot of the women here in general.
And also, thank you so much for reading. I know I have said it before, but I think you can’t say “thank you” too much.

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