I Heart Capoeira.

22 08 2006

The past two times I went to capoeira, I felt out of place. This is because:
A) I didn’t know what I was doing.
B) I don’t speak Portuguese.

But tonight, I had an awesome class, got isolated in the “beginners” section with a nine-year-old girl who knew everything, and got a kiss at the end from the Mestre and two other players. The class was really small, so I was able to get some individual attention from Mestre Cicero, as well as kind of allow other people to know I struggle with Portuguese. At the end of class, I was trying to speak with Mestre and tell him I wanted to pay for class and let him know I was going to be in the US next week, when a guy who had been training all night asked, in English, if I spoke English. I answered him entirely in Portuguese, which worked out well because the conversation flowed quickly because I knew what he was saying. Anyway, other people were watching and listening to us speak, and so now I think they know I’m not just some silent freak who has no clue how to move her body in class.
In the final circle at the end of class, when students play each other, and the people who make up the circle sing songs and clap, Mestre made it a point to come over and tell me the words in the middle of the song so I could sing along. Ahhhh. Acceptance.

And to end this entry, I will post a picture that I took in the morning last week from my back porch. Please turn your head to look at it. I don’t know how to rotate the picture because my iPhoto doesn’t work.





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