Slight change of plans.

23 08 2006

So, okay…not going home this weekend. Instead, I will go home next weekend and get to stay for 8 days! Now I am REALLY excited and knowing I will get to see my family and friends for such a long time certainly puts a smile on my face and alleviates whatever stress I was feeling yesterday.

Tonight is Open House. My Portuguese teacher helped me prepare a paragraph that I will read to the parents, in Portuguese. So this will be my first time talking to a group in Portuguese, but I see it as a challenge that I want to try out. I think it’s fun, also, to kind of make a fool out of myself in the trying of something new. I feel brave in ways I never thought possible. I am speaking in public in a language I don’t know. But it is a language I want to learn and I think it is important to share with the families that I am trying.

It’s funny. My students yesterday wanted me to say some words to them. Without thinking, I uttered the words for “my students.” I was right in my pronunciation. But when they wanted me to repeat the words, I froze up and refused. I know I might get a little stage fright tonight, but that’s okay. This whole trip is stage fright–and look, I’m dealing alright.




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