What it means to be gostosa.

28 08 2006

It means “delicious.”

For a woman, it means sturdy thighs, nice wide hips, and shopping in the “curvy” section in a store. It means ordering more than just a salad and water for dinner, it means rejoicing in molho branco, sorvetes, e frango e carne e vinho tinto. It means to love life and to have it show on her body, the ripeness and fullness of pleasure apparent in the shape of her arms and belly and cheeks and thighs. It means to have a hearty laugh that resonates in the bosom. To be gostosa means to be fleshy and sexy, to have soft skin and a warm smile. To be gostosa means to be delicious, to have on your hips a little something extra to hold onto. When a woman is gostosa she wants for nothing.

Here there is no tiny skinniness, no skeletons walking around on the street looking fine. Here there is lovely plump, round, dangerously sexy flesh on the street–good thighs, good hips, perfectly proportioned with the rest of the body.

To be “linda,” to be “bonita,”–those are ways to say “beautiful.” And those are good ways, too. Lots of girls are pretty, muito bonita, ay que linda. But to be gostosa, that is a title not for everyone. In the States we worship bones and angles, shrinking into ourselves until we are just eyeballs and hair, colored and cropped just so. Up North we are tight and fine and tense and small. And trying to be smaller.

But not here. Here in Brazil, it is nice to slip into my jeans and feel them hug my legs and to know that whatever I was unhappy with up there in the North is alright here. Whatever made me wrinkle my nose about myself or frown with displeasure or dream about “getting fixed” is alright here. Is beautiful. Is actually delicious.




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28 08 2006

I suddenly have an overwhelming need to come to Brazil and to perhaps live there for the rest of my days. Do they advertise Brazilian bartending/life guarding gigs on Craigslist.com?

28 08 2006

“.org” Rob dear. I think this would be paradise for you.

28 08 2006
gina coggio

(And also, I KNEW you would be the first to reply to this one…)

29 08 2006

Wow. I dreamed of this place, I guess I have always just thought of it as ” The Afterlife”. A place where I don’t have to be self depricating about the fact I have always been a busty girl with some extra flesh here and there. I have always been in that category that I could fit into the cute Gap clothes…I just look a little more scandelous than the skeletons modeling them. It is good to know there are cultures that appreciate a woman for looking womanly and don’t encourage us to look like pre-pubescent boys. Live it up, Gina! Take in all the approving looks from the brazilian men and come back to the states feeling like a godess!!!
PS there IS a jewelry party when you are home. In Westville. I think on the 7th of Sept. If you are interested i can get you the info.

29 08 2006

Haha! “The Afterlife.” Excellent.
You know, I was talking with a friend of mine who was telling me about a friend of HIS who had a girlfriend–a beautiful ballerina girlfriend all skinny and gorgeous…and that friend couldn’t stand her. He said it was like sleeping with a boy. So now he’s dating this other, equally beautiful woman, a mulher gostosa, who MY friend says would be kind of “plump” in the States.
Yippee for men who love real women. Three cheers all around.

Anyway, I am TOTALLY interested in the jewelry party. Let me know. I don’t know what I am doing when I come home, but I sure would love to see that jewelry.

30 08 2006
Lynne in Sarasota

Brazil is alive and thriving on the white sands of florida’s beautiful gulf coast….everywhere one looks there seems to be the meaty bods of young and old…makes this gal feel pretty good in a bathing suit. Go Gina… you rock. I also want to say that I love reading your wonderful, colorful reports about your daily adventures and adore the fact that you are soooo out “there” in the world. Enjoy all that life has to offer. I miss your smiling everything.

31 08 2006

THATS why I couldn’t find any jobs!!!
Alright. Now I am in business!!
ps. In addition to the album I’m getting a ‘Pictures of Love Bats’ tattoo.

22 09 2006

ée nois!!!!!

Valeu velho… ess artigo me ajudou a descrever uma gringa que conheço….

muito gostosa!!

23 09 2006

Obrigada pela leitura e para deixar um comentário! Você vive em Brasil? Se “sim,” onde?
Tchau! Obrigada de novo!


4 10 2006


Poxa nao sabia que vc era Gina, vivo em Barcelona, Espanha!

E vc?


4 10 2006

Oi Rafael–
Eu moro em brasil, na Campinas. Vc é brasileiro? ou sua familia?

6 10 2006

Sou Brasileiro sim, sou de Sampa, mas morei boa parte da minha vida em Manaus…

Vivo desde os 18 anos aqui, tenho 20 😉

e porque vc mantem um blog em ingles? algum fato especial?


2 02 2007

Eu estou indo morar em Sao Paulo agora (em duas semanas) depois de 22 anos na gringa, mais passei a virada em Maresias, com varias gostosas, rsssss

Foi minha primeira vez leendo o blog e achei muito legal!

14 05 2007


15 05 2007

Well I’m glad to hear that since someone just commented on my site
‘parece gostosa’ and I suspected it had something to do with me appearance rather than my music…lol At least it’s a compliment.

15 05 2007

Yeah, it’s a great compliment, I think!
Dave, we use the word “gostosa” or “gostoso” to mean delicious…like with food, or with more riské kinds of things (ahem, ahem.) The girl probably meant you had really nice lips for kissing, if you consider kissing a “special occasion.”

8 06 2007

Thank you for putting that so eloquently. When you google that term, you get mixed results. Ofcourse you get amazing photos too! I have been to Brasil twice and plan on moving there by this December, 2007. I know exactly what is meant by “gostosa” from being there and your lovely explaination! Obrigado, Morgan

8 06 2007

De nada! E bem vindo ao brasil!

18 06 2007

I am constantly trying to explain the meaning of being “gostosa” to the Danes, here where I live. You went right to the point. Viva to gostosas around the globe. We appreciate them!

18 06 2007

Thanks! And I’ll be happy to help you with any organizational needs for a Gostosa Fan Club.

6 09 2007
Hanky P.

Ah, what a lovely post. The sad thing for me is that you stressed about womanly curves ever. I did too when I was younger, more self-conscious. Then after a very self-reflective time in my life I realized that I loved my curves! That when I wore clothes to show them off I felt sexy and no longer embarrassed. And once I started feeling that way I started carrying myself differently and everyone else started seeing me as sexy. It was all quite amazing!

11 12 2007

Agreed on the majority of points…only that I’ve known a few braslieiras who say the term is lowly, like a cat call, a ‘psiu!’ that you hear on the streets, in the botecos at night.

I think gostosa would be similar to ‘hot’ if it had to be translated into English, but for Brazilians (knowing what kind of woman they like), it means pretty much what you’ve described. I agree with and accept the Brazilian meaning of the term, even though its very culture-specific. English doesn’t have a similar term that speaks to your definition. A pitty, no? This is why I speak Portuguese, more ways to express myself.

And of course, great writing.

26 12 2007


So there is a word to describe such women :-). I’m a Scandinavian girl, living with the standards for looks set not so skinny as the French or North Americans, but somwhere between healthy and skinny. A (female) friend of mine had a visitor from Brazil recently and she matched your description of a gostosa spot on! There is something special about a woman with the curves and joy of life shining through all her moves and actions. I’m not a lesbian, nor a bisexual, but beeing around this “gostosa” girl made my boyfriend comment me such as: “You seem a little perplexed beeing around her…”. And I guess he was right – I felt an attraction towards this girl, and to my surprise, in a sexual way. Gostosa…. can’t let her go off my mind… Take care.

27 12 2007

I think you’re right…what’s attractive is the life within women like this, and the possibility and comfort that there might be life within myself too. I wouldn’t mind a bit if someone called me “gostosa.” I’d much prefer that over “skinny,” knowing what “gostosa” means.

27 12 2007

tudobeleza–you’re right. Just like “saudade,” there’s no direct translation for “gostosa.” And you’re right about the Portuguese, too….with so few words, there are volumes of meanings.

17 05 2008
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4 09 2008

What a wonderful way to describe Gostosa! Here’s my question: what word in Portuguese could be used in parallel to describe a man?

6 09 2008
Videos para Rir

Parabéns sou de Portugal e gostei muito do seu blog.

10 09 2008

Leia…hm. I’m not sure men are delicious enough to deserve their own word.
Ha ha.

30 10 2008
baia mare

hey. i watch a lot of porn movies in portuguese. and all the woman are saying “gostosa” or “costwoza” when having sex. what doe’s this mean? …in english

2 11 2008

Gostosa means “delicious,” literally. And then, I guess, you could take that definition and apply it however you like.

20 12 2008

man thre years ago i was working in a restaurant and the hostess was brasilian and married but she show me a great time and how to live live the things was that when we made love she started saying this words in potugues gatinio gosotoso muito gosotso OMG better than viagra

20 12 2008

oh i forgot she also said pirusao lol what that means ?

16 01 2009

I lived in Brazil for 6 years and then finally moved back to the States. There are so many great words and expressions in Brazil that at times I’m at a loss for words…or better, feeling, when I’m trying to talk about certain subjects here. Thanks for that wonderful description of what it is for a woman to be gostosa. It put into words something I’ve known and felt, but unable to describe.
Ai, que saudades…

15 02 2009

Someone brasilian once told me… you can also say Tezzaoun… if the girl is from Rio and you are cute, you may be lucky…if however, she is from Sao Paolo… you may get slapped…

Is it true?

3 05 2009

Haha, this is great!
My friend called me this and I was confused why, but now I know
Thanks :o)

28 05 2009

Thanks for the explanation…my beautiful Brazilian girlfriend called me gostosa while we were in the text message stage of dating. She hadn’t even seen a picture or met me yet ! Needless to say, once I saw her I thought the same thing…muita gostosa !

17 07 2009

Lately, Gostosa also happens to be the name of two artists in the Hardstyle genre, a techno genre. There is no real confirmation WHICH two artists form Gostosa, yet, the music during Defqon 1 (concert) was played by the artists Headhunterz (Willem Rebergen) and Technoboy (Cristiano Giusberti).
Neither have mentioned anything about Gostosa, and does not appear to be interested in telling anything, and neithers Discography have the tracks listed.
It is officially released that Headhunterz (Willem Rebergen) is involved, as he was playing the tracks, and have at an earlier concert mentioned “That the Project 1 (Headhunterz (Willem Rebergen) & Wildstylez (Joram Metekohy) have formed Project 1) aren’t done working together, and may well release another album sometime soon.” That was during Qlimax 2008, which very well may seem that they actually did create another album. Although the last album was made by locking themselves in the mixing room together, and spending 3 concentrated months, by 2 artists, came 1 album.
Of course, people are demanding answers, and everybody knows they’ll come eventually.

Headhunterz’ Website: http://www.headhunterz.nl
Technoboy’s Website: http://www.technoboy.it
Wildstylez’ Website: http://www.wildstylez.nl

All websites are in english, so reading through some biography shouldn’t be hard.

29 07 2009

Eu so quero gostosa.

30 07 2009
Otto Othman

So i was trying to explain what gostosa meant! and i googled it!
ahhhhhhh.. best answer ever!
Curti muito!!! adorei!


3 09 2009

[…] SIZED up your intelligence —->What is GOSTOSA? […]

8 09 2009

Being brazilian all I can say is that your definition is great!
I live in London and right now I’m surrounded by english and australian male friends who actually agree very much with you and use the term all the time. I have to say that sometimes I find it rather funny, specially when they use the other words they have learned in Portuguese.
Well, thank you very much for your nice words about brazilian girls.

I’m from the south but perhaps we can go for a beer when I’m in Brazil next.

PS: for the guy who asked why you keep a blog in English, I believe the answer is quite clear, as you’re American.

2 10 2009

Brazil is heaven on earth!!

20 10 2009

Wow! I wrote this blog post a few years ago…I’m so surprised that there’s still some “action” on it! Yes, Brazil really is heaven on Earth. I think I’m heading back in March for a visit. Ahhhh…..

27 04 2010

I am proud to be” brasileira” and I go back home once every 2 years. I miss the brazilian touch, needless to say how “uma bela cantada” make a woman feel.
The word “gostosa and tesao”, its like “caipira with samba”, makes you feel really good.

27 08 2010
Videos Rir

Gostosa é muito bom!!!

22 05 2011

I was in Brazil many years ago and I met a beautiful girl. We were making awesome music together and she kept yelling out gusotsa . Now I definitely know what it means. Thanks guys.

31 10 2011

What a great blog. Someone called me this and I had to google the word and yours was the first I picked. And it was just so beautifly put.. Thanks..

12 11 2011
Reuel Tiosejo

I will not lie, I teared up.

16 11 2011

Nice justification for fat, I like it

30 01 2012

I love Brasilian women….. they eat, they drink beer, tehy are happy, they are fun.. and they are gorgeous, sexy and lovely.

31 05 2012

My boyfriend is Brazilian.. and he called me gostosa recently… I looked it up, wasn’t sure what to make of it, until I found this blog. I knew he meant it as a compliment, and this just confirmed it. Thank you! I AM gostosa, and I intend to stay this way 🙂

6 06 2012
CiCi Cee

i agree

1 08 2012

Well, I understand the word “gostosa” now, and is it the Brazilian word?

15 08 2012

Hi your blogs are very nice. It help for my work. Thank you for putting this.

25 11 2012

I always appreciate the finer nuances of Brazilian Portuguese LOL.

19 03 2013

“What it means to be gostosa. | A Year Here / A
Year There” Vertical Blinds was indeed a fantastic
post. If only there was more websites just like this one in the actual word wide web.
Anyhow, thanks for your personal precious time, Hyman

16 04 2013

Excellent post. Well spoken.

6 04 2014

I am skinny/thin and not so tall, most likely what would be called a petite girl. A Brazilian guy called me/said I was “gostosa”. I don´t really fit the description here of gostosa..about curves and such.. so makes me wonder if what he said was meant as an ironic/sarcastic statement, that I am in fact the opposite of gostosa? Or maybe just that I am the delicious part 😛

23 04 2014
lourdes perez

I was called gostosa by a gorgeous sexy Brazilian guy, a coworker much younger than me. I searched the definition and fell in love with the article! I’m Puerto Rican, I’m 5’7″ 34D-28-40, and so happy to feel womanly and sexy! There was a time in which curves were deemed vulgar. The secret is to dress tastefully, more like sexy sophisticated. A subtle cleavage, skinny jeans, stilettos (the higher the better), shoulders back, chest up, and sensuous movements are enough to turn heads, lol! Never forget a flowery perfume, lip gloss, and to smile feeling pretty!! Beauty comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes!! But it’s nice to embrace who I am, and finally feel proud of my curves (and guys are liking it more, and women admire it too;-)

31 05 2015
Tim Musumba

When a Brazilian woman tells a man gostosa,what does she mean.

13 06 2015

So now he’s dating this other, equally beautiful woman, a mulher gostosa, who MY friend says would be kind of “plump” in the States.

2 11 2015
Nik Alemão

Thats such a good explanation. Just my second month in Brasil and I never want to return home. Those gostosas good me hooked and so has the weather.

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