The weirdest ways to find this blog.

31 08 2006

So…I usually hate posts on blogs like the one I am about to write, but I have to –HAVE TO–call attention to a few things (i.e: funny people and very, very creepy and disturbing people.)

Okay, so…Wordpress has this function that allows blog administrators (meaning, if you have your own blog) to see how people are finding their blogs.
Okay. So I go to my Blog Stats section tonight and look at the searches people are conducting that eventually lead them to A Year Here.

People are going to search engines and looking for the following things, and in the search results, A Year Here pops up too. They searched for:

wide hips long butt
kiss and huge the trees (and yes, that’s “huge” not “hug”)
pictures of love batts
brazilian wax
“her belly” slaves plantation
i* kicked guys balls”
what kind of shoes can i put on my horse
second grade boy school pictures

And the two creepiest:
writer raped weekend movie
beautiful 10y old girls butt

What in God’s name did I write to help lead people to my site from their searches for pictures of love batts and 10y old girls butts?
And even more…what in God’s name are people doing searching (on 8/28/2006 mind you) for a “beautiful 10y old girls butt”? Sicko.

See, students? THIS is why I don’t want any pictures of you to go up anywhere here. Crazy freaks out there. Absolutely crazy freaks.




4 responses

31 08 2006

I’m going to write 8 songs and name them after those search phrases (except the 10yr old and the rape thing. eww)
I’ll name the album
‘Pictures of Love Bats’.
That is outstanding!!
I’ll send you an early release copy of the album when I’m done.

31 08 2006

Now you know you’re going to get even MORE traffic on those phrases!
I always find those hilarious. My favorites for tellhimfred are:
1. lighter ten times finger car movie
2. brooke shields feet
3. craigslist slut list boston
4. help a black family in need of a home from famouse people
5. pooping multiple times

Um, I can’t figure these out. How could they possibly bring someone to my site?

31 08 2006

“Pooping multiple times.” I can’t wait to look that one up. And who would look that up? (I guess I will right now.)

1 09 2006
Carol, Alvaro and Sofy

hey ms.coggio,
we’re at computer class.. shhhh no one knows we’re at ur blog…
the bus adventure was sooo funny that the teacher thinks we’re drunk because we are laughing a whole lot.
we love ur blog and u as a teacher!! ur awesome!!!
kisss from us (Carol, Alvaro, Sofy)
p.s: have a nice trip, dont forget about us!!!
show our picture blog to ur relatives and friends
we’ll miss u!!!

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