Alive and Well in Woodbridge.

2 09 2006

A quick update: I am still alive. My flight went well. I have been in the States now for six hours and have already taken a nap, showered, and eaten a hotdog. I love America.
Dennis’ family isn’t home, so it’s just been us hanging out. He has to go to Roomba tonight, so I will probably go with him to hang out at least for a little bit.
On the drive back here from JFK this morning, we both said that it felt like I hadn’t been away for very long at all. And still, it feels like I had this bizarre dream where I met a whole bunch of really cool people who Dennis doesn’t know. (And in that bunch of really cool people are, of course, my students.)
This morning, I gave Dennis the letters the kids wrote to him. I gave my students the option on Friday to write to either my mom, Dennis, or to my students in New Haven. So I gave Dennis his and he laughed and laughed.
I am so glad, so incredibly thankful, to be at home again.




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