PS on the shitty week thing…

20 09 2006

Two things happened today that added some much needed humor to my metaphoric waterfall:

1) My students found a chapter book with a pretty vivid description of a sexual encounter in it.


2) Sensing that I have been kind of out of whack this week, a small cluster of kids today approached me and said they’d been feeling concerned that I might be pregnant.

Here’s my commentary:

About the sex chapter book: Absolutely hilarious moment in class when, my kids were supposed to be writing reflections about the completion of their recent project, I picked up one of my student’s books to see what she’d been reading. (This is a girl who I would literally take book recommendations from. She’s in 7th grade and has read “The Catcher in the Rye.” For her SHORT story project, she handed in eight or nine pages of single-spaced writing that was coherent, had an amazing voice, and actually kept me interested. But I digress…) So her friends all called out, “Ms. C! That book is totally pornographic!” And it made me wonder what they meant by “pornographic.” I found the page they were referring to and read it to myself while kids completed their reflections. Turns out they meant pretty much what it really means, except there’s no pictures and so therefore, I think the excerpt might get labeled as disturbingly erotic, although the book itself is meant for mature young readers. It made me think about the kinds of things I read in 7th grade and actually reminded me of a “sexy book” I passed around like a bowl of popcorn among all the girls in my own 7th grade until the pages were so worn and smudged you couldn’t see the letters. I guess there are just some undeniable truths to growing up, and fascination with all that “gross stuff” as one of my kids put it later after she grabbed the book from the other to read it, just goes along with the territory.

About item #2: Nope. And what in the world gave them that impression?!




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20 09 2006

I wasn’t interested in it cuz of THAT stuff…well maybe sort of…but its a really good book you SHOULD read it…and we thought you were pregnant cuz you were kind of crying yesterday so we were trying to figure out why at lunch and came up with some weird ideas…

20 09 2006

Ah HA!!!! The truth comes out!!!
I would LOVE to know what else you came up with if one of the first things you thought of is that I was crying because I was pregnant!!
Is it common for women to cry when they get pregnant? I mean, when you see a woman in a movie, or on the street, or somewhere crying, do you automatically think she’s crying because she is pregnant?!
All of you are so strange…but still, there’s an oddly-shaped little space in my heart reserved just for my 7th graders.

21 09 2006

Well we thought that maybe you didn’t want to be pregnant or it was hormones or something. Pregnant women are weird, I don’t know. We also thought that maybe you already had a kid that you never told us about and there was something wrong with him…or her. And that maybe Dennis proposed and it was happy crying or that maybe you two broke up…so many stuff I couldn’t put it all here…but anyway, so you admit that you were crying? It wasn’t allergies or anything??

21 09 2006

Hi Mss.C, u know we dont think that it just that at lunch, we were worried about u cause u were sad so we came up with crazy ideas about certain things, such as:

– You or Dennis were addicted to drugs
– You had a kid in the U.S and he was sick or something
– dennis was betraying you
– You had a mortal dease like cancer or something
– You were going to be asasinated

p.s the one we belived was that u were pregnet

21 09 2006

Sofy, Talita–
The two of you are nuts. You also have incredibly active imaginations, and that makes me excited to read your short stories. (Talita, what is your fascination with people being assassinated? You use that word all the time!) And Sofy, while I admit I was feeling upset, I do not admit I was crying. As to why I was upset…well…as you might be able to guess, moving to a new place and needing to adjust is not something that happens easily. Yesterday was one of the days when things weren’t really going in my favor. But, today is a new day, and tomorrow new as well. I just hope the weather gets better (enough with the thunder already!) because that certainly impacts my emotions.

Talita–look at your “crazy ideas.” Just look at them! (And your spelling! Would I, as an English teacher, ever think “u” is alright to write, especially in a public forum like this?!)

Now I am quite convinced “u” are all insane.

21 09 2006

Ms. Coggio, Im so not insane Im just saying the truth ! Everyone thought that, just Laura that had the idea that you could be home sick. But Sofy and I, we so totally thought you were pregnet. Or one of those possibilities( i think its spelled wrong) could be what was happening to you.

21 09 2006
Mick Gordon

Hey, I share a similar addiction to you – checking my stats several times a day – especially the search words. I run a travel blog and its surprising how many wierd terms bring people to my site. I once did a post on Amsterdam (quite tasteful) but “Dutch+ pornography” are a constant source of hits. Shows what people are interested in – not the culture and high brow stuff.

22 09 2006

Yeah, right. Whatever. You didn’t convince me. I WILL find out why you were crying. Because you WERE crying. People don’t just have tears coming out of their eyes for absolutely no reason.

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