Looking for Brooke Shields’ Feet? I know I am.

21 09 2006

I can’t help but check my blog stats everyday. It is pretty much an addiction. I mostly like to check how people are finding this blog. A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about the weird search terms people are entering into search engines like Google that eventually lead them to A Year Here. Here are some of my new favorites:

“year nerds candy came out”
“observation of a fruit market”
“Brazilian wax and Vermont\ wax”
“come over” “the dancefloor” “i want you
“belly ring armenian”
“handwriting practice sheet + hippos”
“hockey hole hole”
“cowboy eating pizza”

It appears “gostosa” is actually the number one search engine term. It’s clear why, since I wrote an entire post about it. Some, like the “hockey hole hole” one seem obvious, too, from a previous post. But these others? “belly ring armenian”? “observation of a fruit market”? I don’t remember writing anything about those things.


“brooke + shields + feet”

I propose a challenge: Find out EXACTLY how this term, “brooke + shield’s + feet,” connect to this blog, and I will send you a present from Brazil. (But only if you live outside of Brazil. If you are in Brazil, I have no idea what I will do.)

In other words, I want to know exactly what I wrote in exactly which column here that has anything to do with Brooke Shields’ feet. If you find it, you win.

Let the games begin.




3 responses

23 09 2006

Oh that’s easy. I know. But of course I won’t tell you because then I would be the reason that someone didn’t get a very nice present from Ms.Coggio here in Brazil. And I wouldn’t be able to live with myself after that. Bye bye…

25 09 2006
26 09 2006

Congratulations to Nate who will be the first winner of the How To Find This Blog contest.

Come back next Wednesday for a new search term and a new winner!

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