On Clicking.

24 09 2006

I have been reading blogs now more than ever, mostly to get ideas about how to write them and about what kinds of things people are interested in. I read three blogs religiously:
(Click them! They’re fabulous!)

Recently, on All Eyes On Jenny, the writer posted a piece like I have posted twice already–examining the kinds of search terms people are using that eventually lead to clicking on the blog. (It isn’t until a person clicks on the blog that a search term can link to it. Make sense?) It got me thinking about how just a simple click from one site can lead to my being able to reach more people. Once I find out which sites lead people here, I can interact more with those sites to further establish a relationship and increase the number of people for my own site, which of course, is what I would love to do. It’s about a give and take, really. It’s about cooperation and it’s about showing support through just the act of clicking.

Last night, I got an e-mail from a reader of this blog who is asking for a click. Here is the e-mail:

“I am fowarding something to you because it is a simple request for an important cause. A friend of mine, Britton John Broatch, passed away as a result of a massive stroke a few years ago. He was a young, healthy man in his early twenties with a bright future ahead of him. He leaves his parents and 3 brothers as well as a huge group of friends and family. His family quickly developed a memorial foundation in his memory and every summer we all help run a wiffleball tournament to raise money for his foundation. The money goes to a high school senior in the form of scholarship money for college. As successful as this has been, we all would like to see even more money dedicated to Britton’s foundation,and here is where you come in. NO DONATION neccessary, just a quick e-mail search on Yahoo!…

Click on this and enter The Britton John Broatch Memorial Foundation.

Evidently, Yahoo! will donate one penny for every search done on the Britton John Broatch Memorial Foundation. So, all you need to do is copy and paste Britton John Broatch Memorial Foundation in the search box on the Yahoo engine and you will have contributed. See, easy!
So if you don’t mind spending 3 seconds helping out, I would really appreciate it…and his family would too!”

After receiving this e-mail, I thought about what it means to support someone or something, how easy it is to show support, and how “support” comes in so many different forms. To show support for this memorial foundation, all you have to do is click above, then cut and paste (by clicking) the name of it into the search box, and then click again. SO easy.

If only all things were that easy. If only I could click away and somehow feel better than what I am feeling now. But I guess, in a way, writing–all of this clicking on my keyboard–is a form of self-support. I guess I am realizing now more than ever how writing is the best therapy. And so now, I will click and publish this piece, and then I will sit down and do the work I have been avoiding all week. How nice it would be to click all of that away!




5 responses

25 09 2006

You are a truly fabulous person, Gina! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for posting that info…
Britton was a great person, his family is equally as great. If I could I would donate many millions to his foundation, but alas, I am just a few dollars short of millions( ha!) so I do what I can.
I appreciate your time to post this and your obviously big heart for knowing how much it meant to one little blog reader!
You are awesome.

26 09 2006

Thank you for the words…
It is exactly what I said, you know? You have to support the people who support you. It’s the only way I can say “thanks” to you and have it really mean something.
I hope it works a little bit. (A lot bit, actually. A lot bit.)

9 12 2006

Personally never knew Britton but have known his brother Gavin for a few years now. If Britton was anything like Gavin he was one hell of a person. Keep on clicking!

14 05 2008

hi gina this is jess collins britton foster sister. britton was the greatest person that i have ever met in my life. i never stop thinking about him. i don’t think we have ever met. but thanks for letting others know about the wiffle ball tournament. it means a lot to us. if you ever want to talk here my e-mail mhgurl1@yahoo.com thanks again jess

14 05 2008

Jess, you’re welcome! I know how it feels to know people support you, even complete strangers. I’m glad I could help, in whatever tiny way. Thanks.

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