The Something From Brazil Contest: Round 2

27 09 2006

Welcome to Wednesday, the day when Gina peruses her readers’ search terms to try to find the most bizarre terms that lead to this blog.

If you are able to find the exact post that leads here based on the given search term, you win Something From Brazil. Nate was our winner last week, and he should be expecting his Thing From Brazil in about a week and a half.

Alright, contestants, are you ready to play [Witty Name Here]?!

This week’s puzzling search terms are the following:

-belly ring armenian

Find the post that either of these two search terms lead to and you win!




2 responses

1 10 2006

Found it!!!
From ‘An Artsy Weekend”
the term “belly ring” + “armenian”

“The character had a belly ring and at the beginning of the play, she wore her skirt low enough so that we could all see it. ”
“studying about Armenia, the fall of the Roman Empire”

And for my prize….I would like a Gostosa woman from Brazil please 😎

1 10 2006

You are Winner #2!!!
I don’t know if I can send an “actual” gostosa brasileira through the mail…
Look for something in the mail in the next two weeks (a week to find a prize and then a week for the mail.)


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