Busy or Getting Older?

28 09 2006

Just trying to figure out why time is going by so quickly. Already it’s Thursday and it feels like it was just the weekend. Is time relative to my age? And if so, why is time choosing to seem so relative this week? It’s fine with me. The faster the time goes by right now, the sooner I will be in New Zealand.

AND HERE IS A COMPLAINT ABOUT NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT: My mom called yesterday saying I have FOUR parking tickets dating back to 2004 that I haven’t paid, aparently, that have now doubled. Maybe I remember one of those tickets, but four? No way. I have paid EVERY SINGLE ticket I ever got in New Haven. I paid the tickets I got with Dennis’ car. And trust me, I got a LOT of tickets; but I paid them, every single one of them, even if I paid late. I easily paid $500 in tickets in the two years I lived there, not including the time when my car was towed on a Sunday night and I had to go pay an arm and a leg to get it out and pay for the ticket on top of that.

So now they’re tracking me down. I live in Brazil. I don’t own my car anymore. I don’t own A car anymore. Why are they doing this now? Two years after the aparant violations? Why have they waited so long? I knew New Haven was cracking down, but it would have been nice to know I had these tickets so they wouldn’t go into some collections agency or something. At least I would have been able to contest them or cross check my check register for the paid tickets. Now there is virtually no way for me to contest them, because I believe you have to be present at court. That’s the way it was for tickets in Providence. They’re getting my money by default and this is one VERY not happy parking violator who USED to live in The City With No Parking Whatsoever.

I thought I was done with that place. I really want to know what will happen if I don’t pay. What can I do?




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8 10 2006
Paul Wessel

Gina – what’s your plate number? We’ll put the tickets on hold until you return to the states. Email to pwessel@newhavenct.net.

Paul Wessel
outgoing Director of Traffic and Parking
City of New Haven
Molly’s dad

9 10 2006

Hi Paul!
(Wow! I didn’t know you read this!)

This is excellent news…Thank You! I will be in touch through e-mail.

Tell Molly “hello” for me!

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