Some Excellent Days.

5 10 2006

Yesterday and today have been excellent days. This is because even though I go to work, I don’t actually have any students. All of my students have gone away for three days on a field trip to Bertioga, and I am left behind. So how have I been spending my time? Reading, writing, grading, relaxing.

I should probably not say that I have been “relaxing” at work. I should say that I have been getting work done and planning my next five units. But I also don’t want to lie. I have been relaxing. It is nice to be able to be in a work space, meaning outside of my home, and getting work done. That is relaxing. It has been an excellent two days so far, but it’s really just preparation for the upcoming three. Tomorrow I leave with a small group of high school students for another private school in São Paulo for the weekend. It occurred to me this morning that I won’t have the chance to sleep in all weekend. Not excited for that.

We are going to a leadership conference. The kids are part of the Student Council here and it’s my job to make sure they get to São Paulo safely and that they conduct themselves appropriately. I met with the group yesterday to go over the plans and I can say I have nothing to worry about. These kids are probably some of the best students I have ever seen.  It will be nice to get out of Campinas, to see another school and meet other International teachers. I will return home on Sunday afternoon, so I can use that time to relax again.

Next week, will also be a collection of excellent days because I teach only two days again. Wednesday night, which is the beginning of feriado (or vacation), I am going to Blumenau and Bombinhas for Oktoberfest.

Don’t judge. When I tell people I am going to Oktoberfest, they roll their eyes, as if they’ve been there before and think it’s stupid.  But who cares what they think? Have I EVER been to an Oktoberfest in Brazil? No. Have I EVER been to Blumenau or to Bombinhas? No. “So,” I want to tell them, “keep your judgement to yourself and let me experience this on my own.” It’s Oktoberfest. It’s beer and people. I KNOW this is not the most authentic or enlightening cultural experience possible in Brazil. I am not going to Oktoberfest so I can commune with God over how amazing Brazil is. And I’m not going to Oktoberfest so I can learn about the culture and history of the people in the South East. I am going to Oktoberfest because I have never gone before and because who, in their right mind, would want to miss out on going to a gigantic party with hundreds of thousands of people? And did I mention beer? That’s there too. And beaches? Yes, they’re there. And practicing Portuguese? Perfect opportunity. (In fact, I’d even say that with a little  anti-social anxiety juice (ie: beer) my Portuguese gets even better because I’m willing to try to speak.) So. Sounds like a great weekend for me. If there’s going to be that many people there, which there inevitably will be, seems like there’s something good going on there. Couldn’t be too stupid. I’ll let you know.

I wanted to go on my own, so that I would really be forced to speak, but I think it’s good that one of my friends is going. She practically lives in a nut house anyway, so it’ll be a good opportunity to get to know her better and plus, she’ll be my comic relief when I get bored or frustrated.

I don’t plan to go to Oktoberfest everyday, just at least once. The rest of the time, I want to sit on the beach, read my books, and listen to music. Dennis leaves that weekend for New Zealand, so I will also find an internet cafe to make sure I can get in touch with him before he goes.

I was thinking about why I had been feeling so off recently, and I think it was because Dennis was in Hawaii and we couldn’t talk regularly. I would miss his calls or I wouldn’t know if he was in a place that didn’t get service, or if he just had turned his phone off. So it was driving me crazy. I am nervous for that to happen again when he goes to New Zealand. What makes me feel good is knowing I can talk to him. So I just hope we can establish some kind of pattern. Ah, but enough fretting for right now. Today is an excellent day. Must not get bogged down in unecessary emotions.




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9 10 2006

Ms.Coggio, you were HAPPY that we left?! everyday one of us would exclaim: “I miss ms.Coggio” or “I feel happy that we´ll see her monday!” but now that we know your opinion about our departure. Now you´re not the best teacher anymore, you´ve went from first to fourth! ha!
PS. Sofy had nothing to do with the weird nicknames and you weren’t ‘left behind’. you CHOSE to be ‘left behind’. We BEGGED you to go with us!

9 10 2006

Alvy, Soft, Cary: Tell me EXACTLY where in my writing it said I was HAPPY to be without YOU. Do it. I dare you. I said it was wonderful to be able to get work done…NOT that it was wonderful to be without YOU.

So there.
[grinning smugly.]

9 10 2006

If you were havin’ excellent days, and we weren’t with you, than you hate us! And in the beginning you said that they were excellent days cuz you didn’t have any students (ahem), so THERE!
[grinning smugly] [although we have no idea of what that is] [THANX TO OUR ENGLISH TEACHER] [MS.COGGIO]

9 10 2006

It is completely fine to have excellent days without you. In fact, I would argue that I MUST have excellent days without you, otherwise I would be bogged down in sadness all weekend long, every weekend; that is totally not a way to spend a weekend. And unless you are sadistic and WANT your amazing, genius, and talented English teacher to be sad, then I think we have come to an agreement here.

Did I mention I am blessed to have students who actually missed their teacher while on their vacation? You are the greatest.

There’s no hate here. You rock.

9 10 2006

You spelled my name wrong!! SofY! With a Y, duh!

…And you call yourself an English teacher?…

PS–just kiddin. but you DID spell my name wrong.

10 10 2006

Awwwww… you just had to write somethin’ beautiful… Sofy and I almost cried in the computer lab, of guilt… poor you, you’re a great teacher, and here we are, misunderstanding you… Well, sorry Ms. Coggio! I really don’t know what we were thinkin’… what would you be without us?! haha

10 10 2006

Dear SofT, I mean, SofY.


(And that’s with a Y, too.)

10 10 2006


Well, I would still be a teacher, but probably not having fun if you weren’t there.

But I think the real question is this: WHO would you three be without me?!

Clearly we’re all on this earth together at the same time for a reason, and probably that reason is to learn from each other and to take a little bit of each other with us to help us turn into awesome people as we live out our lives.

I wonder, at the end of these years, when all is said and done and I or you or everyone else moves onto something new, how will we have impacted each other? What will we take from the memory of each other to help us be better people?

(At the very least, I hope you take from me proper grammar, and the love of Shakespeare. But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.)

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