No! No! I’m Here! I Swear!

16 10 2006

A quick post for the concerned millions who, seeing my Internet absense, feared I had died, when in fact I was simply attending a Brazilian German beer fest for five days and burning on the beach, thus not able to fulfill my cyber responsibilities. Sinto muito.

I promise you I will write the events of the weekend in such great detail, and include such telling photographs (one that includes the crack of a drunk man’s ass) that you will understand why, on the Monday after returning from the Oktoberfest in Blumenau, which also included a fourteen hour bus ride home, I am only slightly at a loss for words.

At times over the course of my weekend I became the following characters: The Fabulous, The Hungover, The Painful, The Absolutely Disgusted, The Restful, The Pampered, and the one that was alive and well in the photograph of the crack of a drunk man’s ass, The I Am Not Amused Whatsoever.

Come back tomorrow. I will have it all for you, displayed with such glory, you will cry.




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