Something From Brazil: Round 4

16 10 2006

So I go away for a few days and look what pops up in my Search terms:

cavalo pant horse
i am just a visitor here i am not permanent
“boa noite” water tank

And for the fourth week:


(and yes, that’s simply the letter “t”)

We’re back again for the fourth round of the game, with great new prizes for the winners. Search any of these terms, find out exactly what I wrote in exactly which post(s), and you will be the official winner of some beautiful Brazilian art. Multiple terms, multiple winners. Get my drift?

Winners in the past have been:
1) Nate
2) Rob
3) Kerri
4) …????

Give it a shot.




3 responses

16 10 2006

Okay…here it goes>>>
from ” Absence makes the heart…blah,blah,blah”

“…Things might be different if I were single. Of course things would be different if I were single…there would be no one for whom I would feel this “saudade”–this “longing.” It’s not like this longing is debilitating–clearly I am active and busy often, probably more often than I want to be. But maybe I would be able to feel more…*PERMANENT*…here. It’s hard to describe. Wait.

So…sometimes I feel like *I AM ONLY A VISITOR HERE*, like I will only stay for these two years, and then I’ll go home to the US and do whatever. But then there are other times, yesterday for example, when even in the very depths of my despair about *NOT…

So, that is my best guess. WHADDAYA THINK? Am I stretching it?

17 10 2006

Thanks again for the gift from Brazil! I just posted a picture of it on my site.

17 10 2006

Anyone who wants to see Nate’s prize, go check out

And Marissa is the next winner! Congratulations!

If I’m not mistaken, though, I am still searching for
cavalo pant horse
“boa noite” water tank

So there are still possibilities for more gifts to be sent! Try try try!

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