Are You My Mother?

20 10 2006

Remember the part from the film, Titanic, when after the ship goes down and people are floating in the water, the life boat goes out to rescue possible survivors? The officer stands at the bow of the boat and calls out, “Hello! Is anybody out there?! Can anybody hear me?!” And his voice echoes out across the water.

Yeah. Sometimes that’s how I feel: just kind of calling out and echoing, hoping for someone to respond.  So it’s really nice when someone shouts out. (Or whistles, in the case of Titanic.)

And remember the Dr. Seuss book, “Are You My Mother?” where the bird goes looking for its mother and meets all these different characters?  I’m not looking for my mother, since I know perfectly well who she is, but I am interested in meeting new characters. And by “characters,” I mean not fictional ones in books, but real people. And by “real people,” I mean you. And by “you,” I mean, well, you. I can’t break that down any further.

I gained inspiration for this post after reading my friend Nate’s blog, who asked his readers to introduce themselves to him. I don’t know about Nate, but I was shocked that no one responded. It made me wonder why and also made me want to try it for myself. Maybe A Year Here visitors might feel comfortable saying hello.

(There’s nothing to lose, really. I’ve already put myself out there, and so it’s definitely too late to withold some information…I mean, I have no idea who you are and you know the relative size of my these. If that’s not a one-sided relationship, I don’t know what is.)

So if you feel inclined and willing to take a moment to say hello, I think it would be awesome to meet you. No pressure–just a quick hello and maybe where you live.  And if you’re really an awesome human, you will shower me with compliments and blank checks. Again, though, no pressure. I will joyfully accept any greeting, as long as it’s there!





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23 10 2006

I’m not at all shocked. In fact, I kind of expected the response I got (zero). It seems to me that the only ways to get comments are to:
1)Write a very opinionated post that solicits argument
2)Write about an event others were at
3)Write something that just begs for a contrasting opinion
4)Write something that makes people say “yeah, I was thinking the same thing!”

But go out and say “Hey, write something here!” And you’ll just hear the crickets.

You know, except for what I’m doing right now……

23 10 2006

I guess now that you mention it, it makes sense. To simply introduce oneself kind of takes the point away from the inherent anonymity of a blog. In theater, there’s the idea of the “fourth wall” breaking, wherein the audience suddenly must participate in the show. I can imagine this is unnerving, as often in a film when the fourth wall comes down, it makes the audience suddenly turn inward.
I guess I see it in the same light here…whereas many people, when they read blogs, are able just to read them and participate only willingly, when I turned them camera on my readers, so to speak, the fourth wall came down. I imagine maybe it made some people feel uncomfortable.

(Sorry!!!! I was just really interested in who is reading this! Come back!!!)

24 10 2006

There maybe is also quite a different readership for this blog than the one in New Haven. You wrote for a paper that had draws to it from many angles, and probably many of the readers there were pretty politically-oriented. Not to say that your readers now are not, but many of us are reading for the pleasure and knowledge of learning about a whole new place (which is, I thought, what a lot of the original purpose was). When you’ve written some recent blogs that were very emotional (like many in N.H. were), perhaps people just weren’t ready or in the habit of reponding. Who knows? But obviously we’re all getting a lot of enjoyment from reading your stuff, so just keep doing it – maybe more of us will take the time to do it after a while. Whoever Marissa is, let me say that she’s written lots of stuff that could have come from me about your writing (except for those most recent comments on SSB’s, or whatever you call them).She is a really good responder – so is Nate and a few others. Anyway, keep on writing and know we love you!

29 10 2006

You kinda know me already. Should I tell you stuff you probably don’t know? (I will NOT tell you the size of my that.)

1 12 2008

Hey I’m Julliane from the Philippines. Currently I’m in Hong Kong. I hope this makes you smile 🙂 Not everyone hesitates to introduce. Found your blog last night btw!

2 12 2008

Welcome, Julliane! This is actually my old blog about Brazil. My new blog is: A long name for a kind of short blog so far, but hopefully it’ll take me places!

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