Out with the pink, in with the hangover.

29 10 2006

Regardless of how deeply enamored I was of my couch-boat, and regardless of how many hours I spent lolling around in it over the past two weeks, I bought a couch. A real couch. The kind that has a chaise and matching pillows and the kind I can stretch out on. I bought a grown up couch. And it’s not even a futon. It is the real deal. I also bought a rug, a natural cotton shaggy kind of thing, and so now my living room is set up just so. I just need art on the walls, a plant, a lamp, and a room full of friends and I will be happy.

The truth is, I couldn’t bear coming home and seeing pink. I couldn’t stand the fact that when I walked in from a long day of work, I actually felt sad when I saw my green floors and pink couches. No one, NO one, should have to have pink couches. Maybe grandmothers in Florida can pull off having pink couches, but since I am neither a grandmother nor living in Florida, there was just no need.

The new couch has come in handy this weekend. Now that I can stretch out on it, I’m using it to its full capacity, especially since I have become incapacitated with my most recent hangover, thanks to my good friend Josh (the one who joked about throwing cat’s heads up onto my balcony) and something like seven drinks with a variety of liquors. I will admit here that it took three months of living in Brazil before my first prayer to the porcelain gods. That’s not bad. It’s not good, but it’s not bad.

And right now I am remembering a time on the phone with my mother who stressed, with a great deal of concern, that she was afraid that people who read this blog would think all I ever do here is drink. Okay. So maaaaaybe at the beginning I went out and began assimilating by going to a few bars and having a few caipirinhas here and there. But I can assure you, Mother and everyone else, ’tis not the case. And who wants to read a blog all about work? I’m mixing it up a little bit. Just like the drinks.

But back to the couch:
It was cheap. R$499 plus twenty bucks for delivery, and they had it set up in my house the next morning by noon. Exactly on time. Notable because being on time is rare here for anyone. Is it the most comfortable couch? No. But at least it doesn’t bring tears to my eyes when I see it. And now I’m not embarassed to invite people over.

A little sad about the boat thing, but I’m sure I’ll figure out how to make another kind of fort somewhere down the line.




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8 11 2006

BAD!!! YOU’RE BAD!!! lol

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