My friend Wally

3 11 2006

My friend Wally is running the Boston Marathon again. He is running for Dana Farber Cancer Institute, in memory of his dad and of others who are close to him struggling with the disease.
He sent me a link to his fundraising page, to which I donated and helped him toward raising his goal of $10,000. Many of you know my dad died in 1993 of cancer. I support any kind of cancer research, especially when it also provides me with opportunities to support my friend and to memorialize my father.
If you know someone who has struggled with cancer, please click on the link above and consider donating even a few dollars toward Wally’s run and to the cause.




2 responses

3 11 2006

Awesome. About the marathon, and the cancer-research he is supporting. I’m sorry to hear about your father. My grandfather and aunt lost their respective battles with cancer, my grandfather having left us just two years ago this past September.

13 12 2009

It’s great to support our family and friends who have cancer.

Unfortunately, most of the dollars raised for research, end
up in the pockets of pharmaceutical companies, and people
keep dying (despite what you see in their ads).

My strategy is three-fold:

1) Support cancer victims PERSONALLY by teaching them to
cook vegan Macrobiotic meals. There is a lot of proof now that
this diet works for cancer and much more.
2) Support groups that do the same, or help in non-drug
and non-poison methods (eg sugar, cookies, ice cream, soda, etc.)
such as those that put up family members and clean your house for you.
3) Buy and eat organic food and don’t use pesticides, perfumes, hair
dyes etc, as they lead to cancer in factor workers, consumers and people
near their plants

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