Oh Happy Day, My Bidet!

4 11 2006

It is NaNoWriMo. Do you know what that means? It stands for: National Novel Writing Month and I am four days late in signing up. The challenge is to write a novel, however horribly, in thirty days. (26 for me.) It will be an incredible opportunity to work with ideas and thoughts for extended periods of time and so today, I did. I signed up and have been writing all day long. And when I say all day long I mean it. I woke up early and now it is late and all I have done in between is write. All Day Long.

I did take a break, though, to find a new use for my bidets. Do you remember how I once turned the bidets on to figure out how they work and proceeded to splash water all over my face because of it? well, I did. And from then on, I refused to use those things for anything other than a conversation starter. “Hey, do you know what you shouldn’t do when you have bidets? Turn them on while your face is directly over them.”
But today, I braved the bidets again–just one of them really–and as if I’d forgotten how they worked, turned it on and got a wet face again.
“This is ridiculous!” I shouted. “Come on, Gina! Get it together!” And rather than rip the stupid thing out of the floor like I really wanted to, I devised a new purpose for it. My bidet in the guest bathroom is now: my shaving perch. Yes, I can sit on the lid of the toilet and extend my snowy white leg onto the bidet and have my own private shaving area if I ever don’t want to shower and shave at the same time.
Shower and shave at the same time? Who would turn that down, you might ask. And my answer to that would be: a person whose one shower fills up in ten seconds and floods the floor, and whose second shower is so small that upon opening the door to the shower itself becomes soaking wet. That person might not want to shower and shave at the same time.
I gave my idea a trial run this evening because, lo and behold, I couldn’t shower and shave at the same time. A few eager turns of the handle caused the bathroom and myself to get a little wet, but it was a delightful evening and now I am ready to go out and listen to music.

And speaking of music, there is a small chorus of women singing outside of my apartment building. They are ten floors down, but I can hear them as clearly as if they were standing outside of my door. It always surprises me when I hear English here. I am used to speaking the language, but mostly on the street I hear Portuguese. So tonight, as I was writing MY NOVEL I heard these voices down below join in chorus. At first it was just beautiful sound, but then I realized I could actually understand what they were saying and was then bummed because I realized the only reason I could understand them was because they were singing in English. “Oh Happy Day! Oh Happy Day!” And I thought, why yes! It is a happy day.




3 responses

5 11 2006

Oh, I’m sooooo psyched about your novel!! This will be a good 26 days for you.

6 11 2006

NaNoWriMo sounds like a great exercise. I hope you tell us how it works for you.

7 11 2006

So far, four days into this novel (ha ha) experiment, I am 17,700 words. I am writing all the time and it is awesome. Right now, even thought I’ve got 17,700 words I don’t really know what it’s all about and when people ask me I kind of blush because I think it’s too early to tell even though it’s 25 pages long. But I can’t tell you how much fun I’m having–can’t put it into words. I love it! I finally have so much TIME to write–and I even write during school when, technically, I don’t have tons of time. But I do it anyway because I can’t stop thinking about these characters and what’s going to happen to them. I also love the fact that it’s not a contest for NaNoWriMo. It’s just a challenge–there for the taking if I want. And I want. I’ll keep you posted.

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