It’s About Time.

6 11 2006

So Saturday night was daylight savings time in Brazil. It was delayed a week because of the elections last Sunday. (Lula won.) So now, suddenly, I am three hours ahead of home. Normally it’s just an hour. But because the Northern Hemisphere is approaching winter, they all had to move their clocks back. But because it’s approaching summer here in the Southern Hemisphere, we all had to move ours forward. It’s such a weird thing I can barely wrap my mind around it. Nothing changed geographically, yet I’m three hours further into the future than my mother. No worries, Mom. It looks good.

And today, after first period as I walked down the hill toward the library, I ran into a sixth grade girl whose math class takes place in my classroom after lunch everyday. Often, she and her friends arrive early and stand in the doorway holding their books until I give them permission to enter after my seventh graders leave.

“Hello,” I said.
“Hello, Ms. Coggio,” she replied.
“How are you?” I asked.
“Just waiting for you to be my teacher.”

That girl is SO going to pass English next year.




One response

8 11 2006

Oh my gosh I am so jelouse of those student that have you in Brazil becuase thy have you and I don’t anymore, but then again they should be jelous of me becuase i had you for 2 years HA!! I’m glad you like it whear you are. I miss you sooo much! I can imagine your midget self hiding behind your desk and looking at your student. Do they make fun of your height? LOVE YA!!

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