It’s getting hot in here.

7 11 2006

So to save money, I opted to stay at my house for breakfast. Usually, every morning I go to breakfast at Abelha Gulhosa, a padaria near school. It is awesome. Amazing, sweet cafe com leite, queijo quente…and a breakfast buffet to die for. It is worth every penny and then some. But, considering I have been spending pennies there every morning pretty much since I arrived, I figured I should maybe take a break. I am going on vacation to New Zealand, you know.

So I made a cup of coffee this morning and burnt my tongue. It’s now almost twelve hours later and my tongue is still burnt. At lunch, I could barely taste anything I ate. Why is it that tongue burn lasts so long?

But while my tongue is burnt, the rest of my body is nice and cool. The weather lately, after that unbelieveable rain “shower,” has been absolutely perfect. So nice and cool, soft breeze, bright blue sky, bright white clouds that don’t threaten to drench me. In the middle of the day, when the sun is directly overhead, it gets a little warmer. My students like to turn the fan on overhead in my classroom, but the thing is so loud and so disruptive with its whirring that it’s almost impossible for me to ignore it. I think, too, that the longer into summer that I can hold off using the fan, the better in the long run. I’m kind of forcing my body to acclimate to the temperature here this way. Using a fan, therefore, is for the weak.




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7 11 2006

What is a “padaria”? Like a cafe? : ) I’m beginning to think you are going to have to make me a dictionary, I’ll keep annoying you with definition questions. Haha. Happy! Tuesday to you.

8 11 2006

A padaria is a bakery, but the padarias I know about here are more than just a bakery. They have a cafe part to them and a sweets section–like they make their own cakes and doces (sweets.) They might also sell other things, like basic food supplies. Abelha Gulhosa is awesome because they sell wines and cheeses and good things like that, too. I wish we had things like that in the States.

8 11 2006

Ms. Coggio,
goodthing i went on your old blog and got this new blog link becuase if not i would have been talking to you on the old on and wouldn’t have gotten a response. I find it interesting that you live across a interesting looking guy (even though you really didn’t see his face). I miss you!!! Tell v squared I said hi.

8 11 2006

Genesys-Glad you found this new blog, too! Welcome!

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