Ugly Naked Guy in Brazil?

8 11 2006

As I write this, it is nearly 10:30 at night and I am looking across the way into the apartment of some other guy. He is standing at his window, without a shirt. And ladies, let me tell you…damn. It is taking everything in my power not to stare with my mouth agape and let the drool flow freely. I think he is washing dishes or cooking. Any man washing dishes or cooking without a shirt on immediately becomes my favorite man. And when he has a chest like the one I can kind of see from this distance, then he immediately becomes my favorite man ON.THE.PLANET.

I feel like I am on “Friends,” when they see “Ugly Naked Guy.” Except this guy is not ugly, well, from what I can see of his torso. And he’s probably not naked, either, because the window cuts off his lower half. What’s that saying about leaving more for the imagination?

That right there? That is my favorite window in Brazil.




4 responses

8 11 2006

Wait, wait, wait…
You said you were spending extra special care on my prize and that it would be difficult to wrap, right?
I get it now!!!



I hope my husband lets me keep him…

8 11 2006

Looks like it’s an early Christmas for you! Have you set up spy cameras here? You’ve just spoiled your own surprise. (I did mail it last week, and it was a disaster to put in the mail, so I won’t be surprised if it slightly ruined. but it will be easy to fix–I’ll tell you how later.)

9 11 2006

Haha. You are awesome. And that episode of “Friends” was one of my favorites.

10 11 2006

Sounds like in Brazil, whether its thongs on the beach or hot guys cooking and doing dishes, everybody wins!!!
Keep an eye out for that lifeguard/bartender job for me down there. Hook me up and I promise, I’ll do extra pushups and leave the shades up:-)

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