Where do I even begin?

10 11 2006

I could have begun this post in the following ways:

“Christmas came early this year.”
“Today I broke my foot.”
“I don’t think they make garbage bags that big here.”
“Dreams really do come true.”
“Probably a bad idea to carry a forty-pound box across a busy street.”
“It takes a month for packages to get here.”
“I have a newfound respect for three-legged dogs.”
“I hope these drugs are strong.”

Readers, give me a starting point. Tell me which sentence to use as my opener and we’ll go from there. I promise you, whatever you choose, the story will be a good one. And if you’re lucky, I’ll throw in the rest of the sentences for good measure.




16 responses

10 11 2006

“Today I broke my foot”.
You’re serious?! You broke your foot?!

10 11 2006

I vote for choice number 7: “I have a newfound respect for three-legged dogs.” Way to go.

11 11 2006

I think I like ” I hope these drugs are strong.” Seems like that could go just about anywhere.

I am dying to hear what in the hell happened, it sounds delightfully odd…

11 11 2006
Margaret Clark Jackson

Gina, as I mentioned I had lunch with your mom ontem. Foi bem gostoso, tinha muito assunto para conversar. Foi um almoço que durou quase cinco horas. E acabou em café, não em pizza…

E fiquei bem feliz lendo seu blog e vendo pelo artigo Music and Friends that you have moved beyond the Escola Graduada ghetto. That is exactly what I meant, m’ dear. Bola pra frente!!

(BTW, na minha família we speak like this and I hope you will get into SP soon for a weekend or some such… I mentioned you a few weeks ago to Laura, who is mais ou menos a mesma idade que V. … ela tem 26 anos. And she expressed interest in getting to know you…)

11 11 2006

Choice number 7 and “Today I broke my foot” are the best ones…

11 11 2006

Hey, i am just a rondom person looking through blogs, i noticed that you read your pupils blogs and they read your one. is that not really wierd? i found a teachers blog but he doesnt know that i know about it!!

11 11 2006

Hmmm…I like number 5. And number 7. But actually, they all sort of suck, which I don’t mean in any! reference to their creativity or workability, but rather, in reference to, well, the fact that your foot! is broken!

Am sorry, babe. Heal up quick. And yes, lots of drugs. : )

12 11 2006

Yes, broken bones suck. I know that now. But I have to say, even though something is broken on me, I am in a great mood. It’s kind of still a new thing for me. Super inconvenient, but fun. And great exercise! Crutches really give a person an ab workout!

12 11 2006

myownliccleworld: You raise an interesting question. I had second thoughts about writing knowing that my students read whatever I put up here. But I wouldn’t write this blog if I didn’t know it would be public–and by “public” I mean anyone can read it. SO, I kind of use my students as a gauge. Is what I write appropriate for my students to read?
I’m surprised how many students I have kind of feel like you do–maybe a little embarrassed about reading about their teacher’s life. But I think anyone who has and maintains a blog is aware that blogging is a public forum and they probably write it BECAUSE it’s public. You should talk to your teacher about it!

12 11 2006

Ha nah, ur ok, teacher already doesnt like me! i dont want him to feel he cant put stuff on his blog cos i read it. some personal things i put on my blog, i put on because it lets me get them off my chest and its like not having told people because people that read my blog dont know me. i like ur blog by the way

12 11 2006

myownliccelworld: As a writer, I think it’s interesting to know who my audience is. I write this blog because I know people I know will read it. It’s fairly likely that someone you know reads your blog, too. And as blog writers, since we need to constantly consider who our audience is, and since we primarily write for a specific audience, what we write about changes based on who we know is reading. I see what you mean–there is something incredibly liberating about being able to post on a forum that seems annonymous.
I wonder why you say your teacher doesn’t like you? did you commit a terrible, horrible crime against him?!

12 11 2006

ehhh, we had our differences at the start of term! He got a bit mad at me a couple of times, i think he can feel a bit awkward around me at times but we get on better now. I think there is a fine line where a teacher can be your teacher or your friend, especially with the younger teachers and older pupils as there is a smaller age gap between them.

13 11 2006

I think you’re right about the teacher-friend fine line. It is very difficult, especially for new teachers, to maintain a decent separation between wanting to teach and wanting to “fit in” with the students they teach. Is this teacher a young teacher?

14 11 2006
a little angel called Mandy

yea, he is 25, poor guy, teaches at an all girls school too! Its wierd cos i have friends that are his age and i know for a fact (and from his blog) he isnt as mature as he makes out when he is in school. he just has to act it cos he is, well, a teacher. Also he might not have much exoerience as its probs only his 2nd or 3rd year teaching

12 01 2008

I would choose … “I hope these drugs are strong enough”…I think that’s a wonderful open header to a (agreed) good segway to many possible contextual artistic expressions…
…and as far as you using his blog to make personal statements about this persons teaching qualifications…well, maybe you should do the work first and then comment…

12 01 2008

I think the traditional problem in teaching (even with in the public spectrum) is coordinating societal fluxes with the approach of the (near to say) institution …
…try “post historic muses, meandering for elders bygone”… with a keen eye for specialization and fielding individual talents…commercial and aesthetically appealing styles of humanness of validating datum…contemporaneous and extemporaneous balance…

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