Proof I’m Not Lying.

12 11 2006

Foot, Friday Night, next to Hula Man (for perspective and a laugh)

Gina Coggio, Saturday morning, with crutches in Campinas




5 responses

13 11 2006

I remeber those pink and white flip flops when you were over here. The background of the picture with you outside is pretty and what’s with the random hulla guy person next to your foot?

13 11 2006

It’s a coincidence that you got hurt becuase I cut my fingure with sissors yesterday, and it happened in the wierdest way too, it’s actually retarded. I was hanging up my new shower curtains and I was trying to poke the wholes in the curtain becuase the whole was already there but it’s a cheap curtain. So my smart self gets sissors that come with the knife set, you know those really sharp ones yeah those. I don’t pay attention to what I’m doing becuase I was watching a movie with Vin Diesel (he is gorgeous!!) and I missed the curtain and cut my fingure. I am so lucky I didn’t need stitches. Now I’m walking around NHA with a wrapped fingure and I have to face everyone asking me what happened and getting laughed at when I explain what happened. Hope you feel better!!!

14 11 2006

Oh no!!! Poor little sausage toes!!!!
So sorry to hear about your foot/bus incident. Bright side? Lots of writing material. Somehow take it from the bus/broken foot incident to the Vatican bureau of the Pentagon where a secret code for saving the universe/rain forest/baby seals has been written on the INSIDE of your cast and only by round house kicking a terrorist in the head can you break the cast open and read the code. Sorry little sausages 8-(

14 11 2006

I think the mental image of little sausages as toes is a funny one, and very true. They change color, too, depending on my mood. They are Mood Toes, if you will. Mysterious World Saving Mood Toes.

15 11 2006

‘Sausage-like’ was acutally the way you described them at one time. I have no idea why we’d be talking about your toes but we were. And that’s what you called them.

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