10 things I should have known before wanting a broken foot.

15 11 2006

1. You can’t make a mug of coffee in the kitchen and hop back to the living room with it in your hand.
2. Your leg will cramp in the middle of the night causing you to wake up and think you’ve broken it even more.
3. You can’t go grocery shopping carrying a basket while using crutches, so you kind of have to “make-do” with whatever food is in your house: ramen noodles, peanut butter, crackers, coffee, nuts, water, sweetened condensed milk, and four boxes of Fruit by the Foot, courtesy of your boyfriend who is currently hiking, rock climbling, and having a generally physically adventurous time in New Zealand.
4. If you happen to return movies to the store but FORGET to put one of the DVDs into the box, you’re kind of screwed because then you have to call them and tell them, and you’ll probably get charged for the cost of the movie, and you can’t run up immediately and give it back to them.
5. It will always feel like your foot is about to fall out of its cast, which makes you nervous that the doctor did it wrong and that you’ll have to wear a cast for the next three months to make up for the fact that the bone didn’t set correctly.
6. On beautiful days like today you will feel the desire to sit outside in the sun and get a tan but won’t because you’re afraid of the ridiculous tan line you’ll have when the cast comes off in a month and you’ll wonder if you can pay for a spray-on tan for just one calf and foot.
7. You will be afraid of ants crawling into your cast and setting up shop.
8. No matter how hard you try, you cannot shave under your cast.
9. Walking up steep ramps with crutches for extended periods of time, such as at your place of employment that happens to be situated on a HILL, may in fact be just as painful as giving rapid-fire birth to sixteen babies without the use of an epidural.
10. Even though you say you will use this time to do a lot of work and get stuff done, you will in fact, sit on your ass and sleep all day or check your e-mail a mind-blowing forty three times an hour hoping someone in the world knows you have nothing to do but sleep and check e-mail and has bothered to write you something to keep your mind occupied. You will, in fact, poke your eyes and bite your tongue to keep conscious. You may even talk to yourself without caring if anyone in your building can hear you.




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15 11 2006

I’m sorry about your foot, but that was really brave of you…you know, saving that bus full of pregnant women from the burning bus, delivering babies everywhere while treating burns. Really, really brave of you!

15 11 2006

Thanks, Nate. I don’t really like to make a big deal out of my amazing acts of kindness, so I’m kind of blushing at your comment. (And making a mental note to add it to my list of stories. Thanks again.)

16 11 2006

Awh. I’m sorry about the cramping and the overall pain in the arse of it all.

And, if it makes you feel any better, if I sat outside in MY cast, I wouldn’t have to worry so much about tan lines (am jealous!) as I would about acquiring frostbite. ; )

16 11 2006

Oh yeah…I kind of forgot that it’s a little bit winter up there. Hmmm. I won’t talk about how beautiful it is here then.

17 11 2006
Carl H

The winter we moved to our place in Providence, I busted my ankle tripping over the curb while moving boxes into my new office, and Laurie dislocated her shoulder moving boxes.

So when the cat decided to bolt out the front door on an icy night, we were quite a pathetic team in crutches and sling hobbling around the backyard in the snow trying to coax her out from under a car.

Hang in there.


12 08 2007


6 04 2008

I read these to my my boyfriend and he actually thought I’d written it. Bloody hell having a broken foot sucks!!!! But so very true what you have written. Thanks for giving me somthing to do instead of checking my email (which is what i’m gonna do now! haha)



6 04 2008

Oh no, you’re suffering too? I hope you have a speedy recovery and that your boyfriend is incredibly nice to you. 🙂

18 04 2008

Hello. I must agree, having a broken foot blowsssssssss. 😦 Good luck with yours. Some dumb bloke at my high school ran over my damn foot. Ran it over!!! I’m bloody miserable! My surgery is scheduled for Monday, yikes. The end.

10 12 2009

Lol, yeah I know how you feel. Im on my 6th week after ankle surgery (broke both tibia and fibula). My husband is much like your boyfriend. He tries but he doesn’t know how to cook and clean the house. The first week of surgery I was eating nothing but crap and drinking fro dirty glasses bec. he wont give me a clean glass. Unless youve broken an ankle before, you really do not know how frustrating this is. Im tired of crying so I just laugh about it.

9 07 2010

I broke my foot yesterday and I am pon bed rest which is very agrrivating!!!!and being in my teens and it being summer with this beautiful weather suckkkksss:( I broke my 5th bone in my foot so I’m pretty sure I’m stuck doing nothing but watcha tv and my blackberry for a while!!!! But u truly dnt kno what its like until you brake it!

3 09 2010

I cannot believe how precise this is (other than the shaving and tan being male!).
thanks for the inspiration, I’m now suffering number2 badly (cramp) but have suffered all others too.

I’m also finding:
11- You develop an impressive nack of crawling up and sliding down stairs which I may continue to use even when my foot is better.

12 – You start to fantasize about what it would be like to be able to submerge you whole body in the bath again, wondering how much it will really effect the plaster if you just did it once.

18 07 2012

I have just laughed so much i cried with laughter at this comment. No matter how long ago it was written all of them applyand every one of us can relate.

I have a broken foot and only four day in. Im 28 1/2 and its my first and hopefully my last. Im from the UK but im in Sydney on a visa so pretty far away from home right now, i havent got many friends here but the ones i do are wonderful,im inbetween jobs and its winter and now its that time of the month… I have felt down but it’s the ‘trying to keep yourself happy’ which is a challenge.

When i went to A&E it brought it home to me that things worse can happen to others and that even though it feels bad and hurts, its not as bad as what i saw that day. One inparticualar was a lady sat with one child in her arms and the other in a wheelchaire. The little boy in the wheelschaire was gohstly white, none resposive and had sick all down his leg.
He looked about 5/6 years old. No one was comforting the mum and it was her who was in shock. Im not sure if it is because of my families background in nursing but i felt the need to help this person. So with my crutches i went over and gave her a voice to talk to and words to reassure her and calm her.
It was so busy in there they hadnt noticed what a state she was in and how ill the little boy was getting. A DR behind the screen saw me and rushed over to the lady stright away and they rushed the little boy and the family to be taken care of. She was so greatful for my comfort and it lifted her spirits a bit and do you know what… it made me feel good for being thoughtful and caring

So, im still applying for jobs and have an interview next friday as it will hopefull heal (no pun intended) and i should be able to go on with my day to day activities.

All i can think about are my 10 pairs of shoes i brought back with me from the uk (i work in the fashin industry) and if i will be able to wear the again… i hope so because i love shoes haha.

So to all of you out there with a broken something. Eat loads of dairy… Im stocking up on cheese i love cheese (not so good for you) but Skimmed milk and Skimmed yoghurt (skimmed dairy foods are high in calcium) plus Fish for that OMEGA 3. Eat less carbs so you dont feel bloated but you will need some for energy. A large smoothy in the morning is brilliant for you and tastes delightful.yummm.

Chin up, wishing you hadnt done it is one thing but how to deal with it now is the next step. I was part of the Royal ballet for a long time so having a broken foot is really not something i would have wanted or thought i would get, but you cant predict what happens.

Im planning what i can do on weekends so even if i sit in a car i can still use my eyes, feel and smell and it gives me something to look forward to. Doing to much is tiring as your body is working over time anyway to heel what is broken so you do get tired. Dont feel guilty for have afternoon naps. Just think of it as a time to catch up on sleep and when your back working how much little sleep you have then.
Get your friends to come to you and bring drinks and films and gossip!
Go online shopping if you have some money in the bank if not then look at all the things you would love to buy. Plan a party/dinner for when you get better. Above all try and keep happy and if you need to cry bloody cry well.

Im off Whale watching this weekend…from the car….not quite the same but hey ho hehe… I hear bondi have had a mother and calf there at the moment.

It never rains but it pours and then the sun will come out at somepoint you just have to wait patientally.

4 09 2010

like you, i have a broken foot, it was broken just under 2 weeks ago playing football, and i had to get surgery on it last friday so its now been a week and two days since i had the operation. i’m so BORED, i don’t know what to do with myself, and i googled “how to deal with a broken foot” and came accross this site. i totally agree with everything you say – (except the shaving thing because i am a guy) and can’t wait till it heals, worse still its my 22nd birthday in 3 days and i can’t party because of this!!!! 😦 – anyway, i’m just hoping this thing heals fast because atm my life is so dull and sometimes i get really depressed about the sitation. anyway, take care and good luck

30 09 2010

broke me ankle the other day cant use crutches just lyin on sofa on laptop or sleeping really bored cant put pressure on foot
hubby does a 12 hr shift every day on my own with 2 dogs that are driving me mad
im cryin at the moment so upset

18 10 2010

sigh – tick tick tick to all of the above. ive read all the books in the house, one can only facebook so many hours of the day, nothing no longer comes into my inbox – not even junk mail – my room is downstairs away from the kitchen and everyone else and i can no longer get any one to do anything for me with out major bribes because they have all lost the novelty of using my crutches.

i did try gardening though – got rewarded with potting mix down my cast. i do get permission to sit on the kitchen bench so not to trip anyone up hahaha but oh so hard to try and keep my sanity. does it help that im supposd to have started my 3 week holilday? and as i write this i see that this was written in 2006 …nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

20 10 2010

i have a broken foot too and was literally going in today to see if i could get the cast off (as the last week have been practising just walking with that and using crutches to slightly take weight off), and i tripped over my giant shoe when i was going in the door to work and carrying my bag in one hand and crutches in the other, and landed on my toes, and now my foot is hurting again … 😦 was sooo looking forward to halloween weekend out… been 6 weeks of not being able to go out, and when going to a party having to sit down most the time cause even if i do feel like getting up and moving aroud everyone has to move out the way for me

4 12 2010
Lori Russell

Wow, I loved this list! I can totally relate to every single item, especially #10! Unless it’s on the computer, it hasn’t gotten done, not because I don’t want to but because my foot hurts too darn much after I’m up and around too long. I am trying to do partial weight bearing on crutches like Juliet, and hit my foot on something SOFT and now it’s sorer today than it was… I’m at 5 weeks in a cast (broke it on Halloween when stepping off a curb the wrong way)… My house is a wreck. My hubby is great, but he just doesn’t do it … right …! Trying to get Christmas shopping done, not good. Snow + crutches + lino floors in stores = almost guaranteed wipeout … I can hardly wait to stand in the shower and let the water just run over me … a bench with a hand shower works, but just doesn’t cut it. 10 days … I hope …

27 02 2011

I have two broken feet and i broke one fallling on the stairs on wednesday two weeks ago and one yesterday. i am confined to a weel chair untill the one i broke yesterday stops hurting. if you have any suggestions for fun things i can do (i won’t give out my exact age, but i am in the 9-16 area) i would really appreciate it. thanks!

14 08 2011

well i now realized it probably isnt broken anymore but just to be kind here i go.
1.draw pictures
2.girls:paint toes/fingers guys:clip toes/finger nails
3.look up recipes on the computer
4.pull out your sympathy card(ask people to do stuff for you)Hehe
5.organize your calander
6.write a list of your friends
7.prank call people
8.draw a plan to reorganize stuff in ur room(ull get tired of cing it that way)
9.think of stuff you want for your birthday
10.make funny nicknames for people

21 05 2011

I myself, like you have TWO broken feet….. I’m old, 28 yikes! It has got to be the most challenging thing I’ve ever had to deal with in my life. I broke them in an accident at my gym and will be wheelchair bound for a while. I had “Lis Franc” fractures to both feet and my right first metatarsal was completely displaced and required surgery and a screw to put back into place. I’ve never broken a bone, had surgery, or had to deal with the nightmare of coming off pain meds before this and I hope I never have to again… Sometimes I feel like I’m not sure what has been worse; the medication withdraws that I’ve been experiencing the past 4 days or the fact that I CANT WALK!!! My dang fracture boots are removable thank god but I have to wear them all night which all of the sudden gives me clostrophobia. Wow… Well, I guess time heals all but man do I wish it would hurry the heck up. Video games can only last so long.

14 08 2011

huh well that sounds worse than mine but i still somehow feel bad for myself see what injuries do to people they make them selfish but good luck with the whole bored=healing process and dont worry as soon as it heals people will be all over you and it will be fun!

14 08 2011

where and what symptoms did you have because i think i broke my heel yesterday (not my high heels either) i have pain to touch the begining of my heel is slightly warm and my toes are freeeeeezing and i really dont feel like walking because i will scream bloody mary if i do walk

19 09 2011

I’m now 3 weeks in a cast with 3 -5 weeks to go. Please God make it only 3. I broke the cuboid bone in my foot while on my morning jog. I teach art and have to go to work all day. I have a wheel chair at work so that I can get around and help students easier. I’m depressed because I’m getting fat from sitting all the time and the fact that eating is my big fun right now. I too can’t wait to take a shower and feel the water run down my leg. I would also love to sleep without feeling the huge weight on my leg. Some nights I wake up sweating because the thing is so darn hot. To stay positive I try to think about how lovely people have been. People are always willling to help. Also I think that maybe my biceps will look nice from using the crutches.

27 10 2011
James Rankin

I have 2 broken feet and 1 of my legs is casted. The other is in what they call a moon boot. Im booooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddddddddd. Thanks for the blog it has brightened up my day

14 12 2011

I found your blog while doing a search on cramps that happen while in a cast. Your list made me laugh so hard and it is all so true. I broke the fifth metatarsal in my right foot just over a week ago. My foot is in a cast which the doctor thinks will have to be in place for 6 weeks. Boredom is driving me crazy already. There is only so much TV that a person can watch. My crutches are a nuisance so I spend a lot of my time scooting around the house on a rolling office chair. Thank God my house is small! It is so true that you don’t appreciate something until you no longer have it. Believe me, I am really missing the ability to walk. It helps to read the stories of other people who have been through the same thing. I feel really sorry for the people who have had two feet broken at the same time. That must really SUCK!! My calf started to cramp this morning and I freaked out because I usually have to pull my toes up as high as possible to relieve the cramp and that just isn’t possible right now. I managed to massage it away before it caught on fully. Hopefully it won’t happen again.

17 03 2012
Jamel Shackelford

Thanks again for the blog post.Many thanks again. Amazing.

21 03 2012
Mary T.

I was so happy to have found this blog, even tho it originated years ago. I am two weeks into a fiberglass cast for broken 5th metatarsal. I have never broken a bone before (I’m 57 years old) so I never knew how terrible being in a cast truly is. It doesn’t hurt so much, it’s just that it affects every single thing I do. My life has changed so much not being able to do the things I did before. I am a walker and I belong to a walking group and now can not walk.
To say it suks is a major understatement. Like all of you, I am bored to tears, computer, tv, games, reading…… ehhh…. sick of it all and it’s only been two weeks; I have 4 to 6 weeks more to go in the cast. I found this blog funny and it helps to know others are going through or have gone through the same. Unless it happens to you, you just have NO IDEA how much it suks! Thanks for listening to me whine! Maybe I can find a piece of cheese in the fridge to go with the whine….. if only I could get to the fridge! 🙂

30 06 2012
Amanda visser

Yes yes to all! It is a life changing experience! 6 days after surgery plate d screws and 6 day before seeing ortopeed again for taken out stitches and in air boot! Are you ok! Same age and have osteoporosis as well! I can’t TE to the fridge because it is own stairs and have to wait for help! It is so bad!!!!!

18 06 2012

Thanks for the laughter…I broke the 5th, 4th, 3rd metatarsal and one cuboid. I was kayaking off a 12ft waterfall. I am now 3 months without walking. Just got two screws put in two weeks ago. I can so relate to you all. At least it was on my left foot and I can still drive with my right foot thank goodness. I am still in a hard cast and still have no idea when I can walk again. I now live near the ocean but can’t go to the beach on crutches or my knee scooter.

30 06 2012
Amanda visser

That’s bad!! Why is it takes so long!!??? No no I need hope seriously I am 6 days past surgery 6 days from some sort of boot but is my right foot and will to be able to drive! !??

16 11 2013

I am on week 4 of my first break which is the 5th bone or jones fracture. I’ve had a boot and am now in a splint but will have a cast put on in a few days. I have never been this scared before, constantly thinking I’m making it worse because the muscles in my foot keep cramping up and I can feel “things” moving around. I’ve done what I can to not think about it but it doesn’t help when I miss out on special events with family and friends. I still don’t know how long it will take to heal or if I’ll end up needing surgery. It’s not easy, especially when you live on your own.

17 06 2014

Hi yall…so glad to have found this place. Even if the posts are few and far between, it helps to have support and read others’ experiences!

I just broke the fifth metatarsal on my RIGHT foot (ugh, no driving!!) while playing basketball and am utterly helpless. My boyfriend and I are avid hikers and backpackers and this was our first real summer to be backpacking together. He even bought me gear and I was so happy. Now, he’s going to end up going without me and with friends instead because I don’t want to ruin his summer and ask him to sit around (HIS foot isn’t broken!). 😦 Some of my friends think this is crap but I don’t want to ask someone to stop having fun just because something bad happened to *me.* 😦 It’s summer here and finally the weather’s going to be good.

That said, it sucks. We don’t live together and he lives quite far away, and my friends have been great but most often I’m on my own. I’m on a second-floor condo with a dog, so this really bites. At least I don’t have fiber cast, just an Air Cast, and I can go to work but nobody there has sympathy and it’s rough. I’m going to try and get a wheelchair because my job requires a ton of walking around.

This is going to be an interesting test of my relationship. My boyfriend and I got together a few years back because we both joined a hiking group and were newly divorced. Our relationship has been centered around how active we are together (hiking, running together, etc.) and I’m going to be a slug for the next couple of months at least. We had some trips planned this summer and since we got the reservations etc. he’s going to go with his brother. I know he feels guilty but honestly, I’d feel worse if he cancelled over it. Still, it’s hard to be in this position. 😦

Good luck to everyone and I”m glad I could vent. I spend most of the time smiling and trying to stay positive and upbeat!

10 05 2015

I really needed this. I broke my heel bone 3 days ago and have just been in pain and woe is me sense. I am still laughing at Rapid Fire birth. Lol. Thank you I needed a good laugh

16 04 2016

Hahaha… Yep!

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