“My Rice and Beans Are Better Than Yours”

14 12 2006

I am fundamentally opposed to singing about food, unless it is for the purpose of advertising. And then it’s not really a song, it’s a jingle. My fingers flash like lightning to turn the radio dial when I hear a song that includes lyrics like “milkshake,” “pancakes,” or “fried chicken” in English. But here in Brazil, since Portuguese was at first complete nonsense, I didn’t know if they were singing about love or scissors.
But as I am learning the language, I am more able to pick out individual words in songs (which is super hard to do, trust me, when you’re learning a new language). And lots–an abnormally high number–of Brazilian songs include “rice and beans” as lyrics, except in Portuguese. I can think of at least three different songs that incorporate “rice and beans” into their respective choruses (chori? chorusi? wtf. plural for chorus.) I guess because they’re Portuguese words they don’t stand out as obviously as the words “rice” or “beans” in English, so they kind of blend into the rest of the words.
And also, because I can’t understand the rest of the words, I don’t know what they’re saying about the rice or the beans. For all I know, they could be singing recipes. I still don’t know the words for “boil” or “simmer,” so it could very well be that I am missing out some really good ideas for soups.




2 responses

15 12 2006

The plural of chorus is choruses. I just looked it up.
Boil in portuguese is “ferver”.
And I have no idea what simmer means.

15 12 2006

Sofy…thank you for the info. We actually have the same word, “ferver”, in English, but it means more of a figurative kind of boiling.
See you tomorrow for the last day of school! Yippeeeeee!!!!!

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