Three, Two…

14 12 2006

One more day.
All that’s left is tomorrow. And after I go to bed tomorrow night and wake up at three in the morning on Saturday, after I catch a taxi, a bus, a plane, and another plane…after all that, then sweet baby Jesus, I’ll be in New Zealand.

Dennis’ family has this beautiful tradition. Just before any of them leave on a big trip, they all sit around together in the same room and close their eyes and are silent. This lasts for seconds only. And then someone, usually his mom, says, “Okay, that’s it.” And then the trip begins. It brings good luck and love and wishes for the best possible time.

One more day. The bags are packed, important documents are securely stored, the mental list of not-to-forget last-minute items (wallet, e-ticket) has been made. All-in-all, I think I’m ready.

I am ready.
Just one more day.




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