Guacamole in Chile.

16 12 2006

I am writing from the Santiago de Chile international airport, where I will be for the next trillion years waiting for my connecting flight to Auckland. I have been awake since three a.m Brazil time and it is now 2:45 Chile time, which is really 3:45 Brazil time. I had three hours of sleep last night after a power cleaning of my house and then woke up promptly at 3, caught a cab at 4 and was on the road on the bus by 4:30.

The flight was awesome–smooth as could be. Clear blue skies, window seat, iPod fully charged, fleece blanket in tow. Curled up and napped for a second here and there, even though Dennis told me not to so that I would be nice and tired for the ride to Auckland. But…I´m subversive and I´m not going to have any man tell me when and when not to sleep. The flight was lovely, the food extra good, and never a line for the bathroom. (The one downfall? The in-flight entertainment wasn´t working, so that meant no movie. No big deal. I spoke Portuguese to an Ecuadoran guy sitting next to me, and we both understood each other, which was cool, and probably way more entertaining than December´s movie, “Spy Kids.”)

I have another window seat on my upcoming flight, although it won´t do me much good since the entire flight will be in the dark. Thirteen hours of darkness.

I wandered the airport for the first eleven mintues I was in Chile and found a Ruby Tuesday´s where they had not only quesadillas, which I haven´t had in five months, but guacamole. Spicy guacamole. And there were jalapeños in the quesadillas and there was actual salsa. I am overwhelmed here with this sudden influx of spicy options for food, since Brazilians don´t like their food spicy. Citrusy, yes…spicy, no. And so, I took special delight in eating by myself, and enjoying my rising temperature with each bite piled high with guacamole.

Well, I´m off again, this time to sit or wander or…oh! I AM DRINKING STARBUCKS!!!!!!! My face, when I saw the Starbucks counter as I was walking out of the international connecting flights doors must have been priceless. I am quite sure I let out a tiny squeal.

Well, tchau for now. Or should I say adios? Whatever the case may be, the next time I am online I´ll be saying, “G´day, mate.” Oh, whoops. Wrong country entirely.

What do they say in New Zealand? (And whatever that is, that´s what I´ll be saying.)




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