What today sounds like.

20 12 2006

It is almost impossible for me to write anything meaningful right now, anything poetic or anything resembling how I am truly feeling. This is because I am sitting in a Magic (the game) internet bar with fifteen young boys who are screaming at each other over the noise of their headphones. They are all playing the same game against each other on separate computers and they are strategizing by yelling obscenities to each other at the tops of their lungs. Thus, when I am just about to craft a sentence that would accurately reflect how excited and thankful I am to be here, my thoughts are interrupted by a “fuck! fuck! what the hell am I controling?” screaming young boy. Therefore, please don’t think that my writing has deteriorated from my travels, or that I don’t want to be writing. I certainly want to be writing–it is just impossible for me to think straight through all of these “fucks.”

The truth is, I am thrilled to be here. Although it has been raining for the two days we’ve (“bitch. bitch.”) been in Auckland, it’s been so much fun. My mom gave us an amazing gift–four nights at a hotel here, near the beach. The weather hasn’t been (“fuck, I hit ’em”) amazing, but today we got to go out and walk around. Yesterday, my first full day (“fuck you!”) here, we went to Kelly Tarlton’s, which is the big aquarium here. We saw eels and huge sharks, penguins, (“Oh, I hit you! That should have killed you!”) sea horses…it was beautiful. (“Fuck man, what the hell?”)

I can’t describe how good it felt to see Dennis again. I could describe it, actually, but not in (“he’s above you! he’s above you!” “fuckin’ hell!”) this place. (“Fucking shut up.” “Fucking stop swearing.” “Fucking make me.” “Fucking I will.”)

Maybe the hardest thing for me here has been to adjust to the time difference. It’s an 15 hour difference from Brazil, and not only that, but the sun stays out really late here. I took a nap in the middle of the day on Monday and when I woke up I thought it was four or four-thirty. But it was 8:30. The sun (“I said ‘mice’ you idiot!”) stays out forever, although it doesn’t choose to actually shine through the clouds. Today is the first time I’ve seen blue sky and I’ve been here for three days.

We don’t really have much of a plan to explore the North Island. (“Did you just tell me I suck balls?”) Dennis has done the South Island and has spent all of his time hiking and camping. But he hasn’t even remotely looked around the North Island. That’s what we’ll do together then. I want to see Hastings, the wine area, and Waitomo Caves, which is where they have glow worms. But other than that, there’s not much I know about. I’m just really glad to be with Dennis again.

I really wish I could tune these kids out. (“Yes! You all fuckin’ suck!” “Pistol round! What’s the use of pistol round when you could use…a-wops!?”) But I’m excited I can at least understand them. It’s really weird to be in a place where I can understand everything again. (“Shame, bitch!”)

Oh, but my favorite thing? Dennis is cooking for me. He’s thrilled about grocery stores and about cooking dinner. Last night he invented a mushroom cream sauce for spinach ravioli, made an Israeli salad, and then dessert which was comprised of cookies and cream icecream and a fresh strawberry/blackberry compote. I have found a tiny piece of heaven.

I’ll leave it there, before I get overwhelmed and distracted by more “fucks.”




One response

21 12 2006

It must be incredible to be in a new place with someone you’ve missed so dearly. I wish you many days of blue skies!!
PS I can’t wait to hear about glow worms.

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