What jet lag feels like.

15 01 2007

It feels like this. It feels like 4:29 in the morning when (almost) everyone in my part of the world is asleep and preparing for their work week. It feels like exhaustion at noon. It feels like taking a shower at eleven at night. Dinner even later. It feels like making lists.

Here are the books I read over the past four weeks. In order:
Best American Non-Required Reading 2003, Edited by Dave Eggers
Once Were Warriors, by Alan Duff
Breakfast of Champions, by Kurt Vonnegut
Travels with Charley, by John Steinbeck
The Year of Magical Thinking, by Joan Didion
Whale Rider, by Witi Ihimaera

Here are the towns I visited and/or stayed in the past four weeks. In order:
Santiago, Chile Airport
Auckland, NZ
Te Aroha / Mt. Te Aroha
New Plymouth / Mt. Taranaki
Te Kaanu
Bay View / Napier
Kaiau Beach
East Cape
Te Araroa
Whanarua Bay
Waihi Beach
Auckland (again)
Bay of Islands
Cape Reinga
Santiago, Chile Airport (again)
Campinas, Brazil

Reasons why I feel sad right now. In no order at all:
Because I can remember what it feels like to hold the road maps as Dennis drove but I can’t see the town names.
Because I miss reaching over to touch him.
Because I am bored.
Because it is 4:43 and I should have been sleeping for six hours already.
Because I still haven’t unpacked my bags.
Because I found cockroaches in the kitchen.
Because I have no meaningful types of food in my apartment.
Because it’s Monday.
Because I talked to Dennis’ mom tonight and she wants us to be home.
Because I kind of want to be home.
Because I’m really tired.
Because I bought milk today and it was spoiled already.

Reasons why I’m happy right now. In no order:
Because I read so many books.
Because I still have one more to get through.
Because I brought presents home for my friends.
Because it’s not too hot outside.
Because I managed to get along fine today with Portuguese.
Because I’m eager to get back to work.
Because the books I read were really amazing.
Because I can use e-mail on a regular basis.
Because I talked to some good friends today.
Because it’s not much longer until Dennis is here.
Because I talked to his mother today.
Because my friend told me he always thought I’d end up with a guy who looked like Jesus.
Because I am expecting a package of more books and goodies in the mail, probably in a month.
Because today is the 15th and therefore it marks the middle of the month.
Because I am growing up and finally am able to save money.
Because I uploaded all my pictures from NZ and have shared them with friends.
Because I just yawned a real yawn.
Because I can wear high heels again.
Because my apartment was really clean when I came home yesterday.
Because I am yawning again right now.

Probably should end on a positive note.




2 responses

15 01 2007

I’m sorry you are feeling sad. Jet-lag stinks, for sure. But OH! the books! you have read, indeed. Good work! : )

15 01 2007

Thanks! I also read parts of “Fortune Hotel,” which SUCKED so I didn’t put it on the list because, who puts together a book of travel stories that are fiction? Doesn’t make sense to me at all. If you get a chance, go out and find Once Were Warriors. It’s such an amazing book. I watched the movie afterward, and naturally, the book far surpasses the film.

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