16 01 2007

It is just now midnight, January 16th. It is chilly outside, nice cool breeze, a night that requires a sweater, but one on which you can still wear flip-flops.
I think I’m tired. I also slept until 5pm.
I went out for sushi with Mandy and we drank two caipirinhas, with sake, each. I feel adequately sedated and actually a little yawny. I maybe needed one big sleep, like last night’s, to catch me up with Brazil time.
So now, I will turn off the lights, try to call Dennis, and put my sleepy head to bed. Hopefully for the whole night.
Sweet dreams to the rest of you.




3 responses

16 01 2007

Have a nice first day of work tomorrow. See you on the 23rd.

You missed me while you were in New Zealand, right? Yeah, I knew it.

(You do remember who I am, don’t you?)

Sweet dreams to you too…Don’t let the bugs bite…

16 01 2007

Of course I remember you! And of course I missed you! (And all the others.) I came back with some good books, one or two that you should definitely read. I think you might really like them. (And there are movies of both of them, actually.)

16 01 2007

Can’t wait.
I missed you too!
And I know you missed me more than you missed everybody else…

(Actually, I get the feeling that you didn’t really miss any of us but it’s okay cuz you were busy havin fun with Dennis)

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