So much for sleep, what’s going on in Asia?

16 01 2007

I slept ALL day yesterday: literally 6:15am until 5:00pm. Gross.
I did get to sleep tonight, but it was really more like taking a nap. Two hours. But at least this time I was IN bed at a relatively appropriate time and I was actually tired and I fell asleep. For two hours. Last night, I didn’t even get into bed until 5:30, at which point I thought I’d see what it felt like to throw my body around for forty-five minutes to see how it felt in various sleep-like positions before I actually introduced myself to sleep. I did get to find out about Monday trash pick-up time: 5:45am. But I guess Tuesdays they come at 3:15. Their arrival this morning coincided perfectly with my need to go to the bathroom, check my e-mail, and read about photo resizing software for Macs, though. That’s how I learned about Tuesday trash pick-up. But the point is, I slept. At the time when most other people are sleeping. Hey. It’s progress. Don’t judge.

I did get to talk to Dennis, tonight/this morning. He called twice during the day, while I was either asleep or out with Mandy, and so I called him back. Maybe nine times. Sometimes I reached him, with a fuzzy connection, and so after choosing to try to dial him again to get a better connection, I would either reach him again and talk to him for a few minutes before Brazil decided that was enough talking, or I’d reach AN ASIAN COUNTRY.

Please explain how, when I dial Dennis’ phone number in New Zealand, I end up reaching An Asian Country instead. This happened four times tonight, and it happened twice a month ago on the day I was leaving Brazil to visit him. They’re his numbers. Why do his numbers end up making me listen to an Asian recording? I explained to a friend tonight in a jetlagged e-mail that I thought maybe I was the only person in Brazil who calls New Zealand, so maybe the Brazilian operators don’t really know what’s going on and think I’m trying to call a more popular phone number that happens to be in An Asian Country. Plus, twice tonight, they (the operators) hung up on me. They were like, “Yeah, you’ve had enough.” So when I called back (twice) they connected me through to An Asian Country. I was like, “No Thanks, New Zealand is a real country and I’m really trying to call someone in it.” And so after no fewer than nine dialing attempts, I spoke to Dennis five times and it was lovely, albeit twice fuzzy.

Please. Someone. Tell me how to fix jet lag.
Here is a picture from NZ thanking you in advance for your advice.
Leaving Kawhia, headed to New Plymouth. December 2006. NZ.

And then?
Mt. Taranaki, or The Mountain That Wouldn’t Stop Raining. NZ. December 2006.

And then?
New Year’s Day. Kaiaua Beach. Pretty awesome. NZ. January 2007.

And then?
Kayaking, Whanarua Bay a.k.a. Heaven On Earth. NZ. January 2007

And then?
The Desert? Or the Largest Sand Dunes EVER? You decide. Cape Reinga, NZ. January 2007

And then?




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