Back to work.

17 01 2007

I think a lot of people moan and grumble when the time comes to return to work. I certainly did my fair share of whining and crying last year when I went back to work in New Haven after summer vacation ended. So we just had summer vacation here and I am all for returning to work now. I’m in my classroom, chatting with other teachers, planning my next units…it feels really good to be here again.

I feel like I had an adequate amount of time off for this holiday break and I know that in another six months I’ll have the same amount off with numerous breaks in between. I think I love working in private schools. The rewards are totally different from the rewards I got working in the public system, which sometimes makes me feel like I’d like to go back to public school, but I have to say that it’s so much easier to work in private schools.

I think the fair weather has something to do with my comfort here. If it were really hot, like it was yesterday during the time when I decided to go out and go grocery shopping, I’d be cranky. But as it is right now, with my lights off and doors and windows open to let in the light and breeze, I feel so happy and relaxed.

I’ve also made up my mind to dedicate the next bunch of years to traveling and teaching around the world. So that means I’m probably not going to stay in Brazil, to extend my contract past its original date. I’m really eager to see what else is out in the world and to just explore and explore. Hopefully by the time I return to the states I’ll have ten years of teaching under my belt, eight of which would be international experience. How cool? Very cool. (Although Dennis’ mom expects and begs me to be in the States, if only so that she can drive to bring me/us food. My mom, on the other hand, is probably crying while trying to research the cost of airline tickets to wherever it is I want to go next.)

It feels really good to be able to think about going other places. Not that I’m not happy here. I love it here. I think it’s the good experiences I’ve had here that make it possible for me to think about going other places. I think if things were really tough here, which they have been at some points, I’d be more likely just to give in and go home to the States for good. But my students are wonderful, my school is wonderful, my life here is just unreal…I feel great here and confident. (If it weren’t for these particular 7th grade students, I probably wouldn’t have known that I like teaching 7th grade at all. That was really the one thing I was really nervous for before arriving in Brazil. 7th grade?! Aren’t they supposed to be monsters? Not my kids. My kids are the best.)

So anyway, things are good. I got a full night’s sleep last night, with the aid of medication, which really helped, and only fought the desire to sleep during the meeting this morning when, I think, everyone was fighting the desire to sleep. I’m really excited to see my kids next Tuesday, and today I just learned that I’m going to have an ESL section (hey NHA: my schedule changes even here!) Speaking of which, I’ve got to go talk to the ESL teacher so she can teach me how to teach it.

Always a student.




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