As the sun rises…

18 01 2007

I am sitting in my living room, doing this, and drinking coffee. I have been up for three hours (It is now 6:30). So, to pass the time, I finished another book and began a new one. I can’t get enough reading. I was so excited to be in NZ around all of these great bookstores that had English books in them. That’s one thing I really miss about home–bookstores. There are hardly any bookstores here. I know they exist but I’ve never seen them. At home, in a city as large as Campinas, the place would be littered with bookstores. But here…? Nada.

Anyhow, the book I just finished is called “The Abortionists’s Daughter.” I was not thrilled about it. It’s not the kind of reading I like to do. It was predictable and fluffy and while it kept me turning the pages, it was only because I wanted to see if my predicitions were correct, which they were, and to find out what was going on with these seemingly ridiculous details the author kept throwing in. Unbelieveable and very, very unthrilling. With a title like that, I had expected the plot to be more controversial. But it was not. And, for the most part, it was a forgettable novel.

It appears my ability to be critical becomes drastically more refined with less sleep. Note to self: please figure out your jet lag before school begins.

Yeah, I have to leave here in 22 minutes. I have not yet showered. Time to get going.




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