My kids in New Haven.

3 02 2007

Even though I’m here in Brazil, I still check up on what’s going on back in New Haven through the New Haven Independent. Yesterday, I was surprised and thrilled to see two different articles on my old school and on two of my former students.
Click the links below to read!

Read about New Haven Academy

Some of the pictures in this article are taken in my old classroom. (sniff, sniff.) And one of the students, Crystal, who was also one of my advisees, is holding a poster up of her senior project about HIV/AIDS. Last year, our adivsory’s community service project was focused around HIV/AIDS. We worked with AIDS Project New Haven to learn about and become certified as peer advocates. I am thrilled to see Crystal continue her work in this direction.

Read about my former students Chevonne and Torrese

Last night, I dreamed of returning to NHA to visit. The kids were working on projects in the school. I walked in to say hello and all of them looked up with blank faces. Like they didn’t recognize me. Or that they had moved on. I never felt so sad, so unwelcome. I really miss them today.




One response

3 02 2007
Tina (aka Mom)

“blank faces”? I don’t think so!!!! The kids might be in shock for a second or two, but after that the room would be total chaos: screams, hugs, tears, laughs… and, (something you haven’t heard in a while, SHORT jokes!!) Ha ha

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