This Brazilian day.

10 02 2007

1) Woke up early; stayed in bed until I felt like it.
2) Drank orange juice and listened to music. (Ana Carolina, Seu Jorge, et al.)
3) Went to the salon.
4) Waited for an hour.
5) Got a wax named after this country.
6) Went to the largest mall in South America.
7) Bought a picture frame for way too much.
8 ) Drank an espresso and ate a chocolate biscuit, while standing up, in the largest mall in South America, at three in the afternoon.
9) Came home and read and listened to music. (Tribalistas, Jack Johnson, et al)
10) Went to a pre-Carnaval street party.
11) Drank Skol beer.
12) Sweat.
13) A lot.
14) Danced.
15) A lot.
16) Came home and listened to music. (Bob Marley, Adriana Calcanhoto..)

Now that it’s Carnaval season, everything anyone is talking about is where people are going, what people are doing for the weekend ahead of us. I am going to Rio to visit my friend Mia, who I taught with in New Haven, and her cousin who are flying down on Saturday. I’m taking an overnight bus from Campinas on Friday night, arriving in Rio early morning Saturday, and I will hang out on Copacabana Beach until they get to their hotel mid-day. I have absolutely no idea what to expect, no clue whatsoever . I’ve never been to Rio, never been to a Carnaval before…no idea what to expect. I’m thrilled though. But tonight’s street carnaval kind of gave me a clue about what to do and what not to do for the Rio Carnaval. Here’s the list:

1) Don’t wear jeans. They’re too hot, and although they disguise sweat marks, they’re uncomfortable. Buy something short and light.
2) Don’t bring a purse. It’s a big hassle having something over my shoulder the whole time.
3) Wear comfortable shoes. I’m going to be dancing the whole time. Must have happy feet.
4) Bring enough money for beer, caipirinhas, whatever I want to drink. And water.
5) Sleep a lot beforehand.

I really don’t know what I’m getting myself into up there. I’m so excited, mostly to see my friend, though. I’m going to the big parade next Monday night that apparently lasts until sunrise. What am I doing?! Rio Carnaval has to be one of the top 100 things to do in a lifetime. I can’t believe I’m going. I can’t believe I live close enough to go. I can take a bus to Rio Carnaval.

If anyone reading this has been to Carnaval in Rio, I’d appreciate a head’s up. Any advice about where to go, what to see, what not to do or see…let me know.




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