Off to Carnaval!

16 02 2007

Just a few words before I leave today to go to Carnaval in Rio. I’m leaving tonight at 10:30 with Cat Head on a bus. I won’t be back until Tuesday night, and I don’t anticipate spending my time at an internet cafe when I could be out enjoying myself beneath the hot Brazilian sun sipping a cold Skol beer out of a small glass with my friends by my side. I sincerely hope you understand.

With that, I hope you fabulous people have a wonderful four days. I will report back on Wednesday with tales galore and photos to boot.

‘Til we meet again,




2 responses

17 02 2007

Hey Gina,
Vermont has been reduced to a minor ice age. If you ever see us again, you will have to arrive by a team of sled dogs. MMU has been closed for 3 days! It’s beautiful though. However, the snowbank in front of my house is over my head. Of course, I’m so short, it doesn’t take much. I’m thinking of putting a flag on the top of my hat so people can see me…. Have fun at Carnaval. Ours has been post poned for a week. I think they are afraid of drunken college kids running around naked on 20 foot high snowbanks and getting frostbite. Have fun!

19 02 2007

Alright. You have to stay in Brazil for at least another year so that next year, I can plan ahead and come down for Carnival. I guess, and correctly I believe, that Carnival in Brazil may be my ultimate happy-place. Hope you had fun.

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