Today I exist with only 4 senses intact.

25 02 2007

What is the point of eating anything if you can’t taste it? I am so sick, so doped up on five different medications that I can’t taste a thing. I just ate three kiwis back-to-back. By the time I got halfway through the third kiwi, and after I had only felt the crunchiness of the kiwi seeds and the gush of the fruit, I couldn’t understand why I kept eating it, other than thinking that maybe kiwis can do something to fend off this sickness multiplying inside of me. Earlier, I ate cashew nuts, unsalted, and if I hadn’t just bought them myself, could have been crunching on play-doh that had been left out to dry for a couple of hours. I drank an entire liter of soy orange juice. Nothing. Not even the hint of orange. Or soy. Nothing.
Why is this happening? Is it the medication? Is it the kind of head cold I’ve got?
Once my mom met a man who’d had an operation of some sort and, as a result, couldn’t taste anything anymore. What horror. I keep thinking I want to eat something and then I am reminded that I can’t taste anything anyway, so why bother eating at all?
While this may bode well for my waistline, if this cold were to continue in this manner, I am much too interested in food and flavor to actually enjoy the potential for weight loss. What would taste really good right now is chile. Or salsa and guacamole or nachos or anything with spice. I wonder if there’s anything I could taste? Has this happened to anyone else out there? Is there anything I can do to taste again?




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