What the…?

27 02 2007

Two things should have clued me in.

1) My computer changed the time on its own. (But I changed it back immediately.)

2) I was just thinking, this morning as I got into the shower, “It seems darker these days when I get up. It’s like torture trying to wake up in the morning.”

But, there I was, getting up at my normal time, 6:30, just taking my time, drying my hair, getting ready for school.  Cab to the padaria. Walk inside expecting to see my friends at their normal table. Glance up at the clock to see how much time I have for breakfast.


Look around. Two people in the padaria, neither of whom is a friend of mine. Dude sitting at the counter.

Me: “6:35? Is that right?”

Him: “Yeah.”

Me: “When did that change?”

Him: “Saturday night into Sunday.”

Me: “Oh. Damn.”

Him: “Well, you’ve got an extra hour for breakfast.”

Me: “Yep. Looks like it.”

Okay. So, in the US, isn’t Daylight Savings exactly half the year? Like October and April? Something like that? Yeah, here in Brazil, it’s every February and then some other month, when the “summer hours” begin.

WHAT? What kind of sense does that make?




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