The upcoming weekend.

2 03 2007

Not much on the agenda this weekend, other than a maybe-dinner tonight with the girls and a Sunday brunch with the same group at Kimberly’s house. I did get an invitation to dinner on Saturday at one of my students’ houses. Isn’t that nice? I’ve never been invited over for dinner at a house. I’ve gone out to dinner with students, but never their families. I used to go out with Brinn and another of my advisees to Chile’s, which was always a nice way to spend time with them.

So right now, I am writing from within my classroom. There are four boys and two girls in the room with me; the others are outside or in the library working on their projects for “Romeo and Juliet.” The boys are all working on drawings and one is interpreting Paris’s lines from Act 5. The boys keep whistling and fidgeting, throwing each other out of focus by their little comments. The girls, always the police of the classroom, keep the boys in line:

Boy1: [whistling]

Girl1: Could whoever is whistling stop please?

Boy2: Yeah.

Boy3: It’s bothering me.

Boy1: Yeah, Paulo.

Boy2: I didn’t do it!

Boy1: I didn’t do it either.

Boy2: Yes you did! I heard you!

Girl1: Could you guys just stop?

Teacher: Everyone. Stop. Now. Thank you.

Boy2: [under his breath] Yeah, Ricardo.




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