New folks.

8 03 2007

Our school has a partnership with Hamline University in Minnesota for students in Education to come here and do their student teaching practicum. Two student teachers arrived yesterday who will work in the elementary school. It’s nice to see some fresh (however pale) faces around here and kind of interesting to see a little bit of myself in them. Today, as I walked into the library to get some grading done, I walked by one of the girls who was asking a first grader how to say “That was funny” in Portuguese. I smiled, remembering the first few weeks and months I was here, stumbling over words and asking my students to clue me in on expressions.
But it’s also nice to see how far I’ve come since I was at the stage these girls are now find themselves. Today over lunch, some colleagues and I were talking about Obama and Clinton and two of my students overheard me speaking Portuguese. I shooed them off with a “tchau, beijos!” and they responded by laughing and saying, “But I love to hear you speak Portuguese!” Sometimes in class I find myself slipping up during class and saying some Portuguese phrases I say often, and then my students let me have it: “Ohhhh, Ms. C! That’s so cute! You say things so cute!” Other times, my kids make me say some words in Portuguese and then, when I comply and say it in front of their attentive little faces, they giggle or make the “cute” noises an adult would make when a little kid tries to speak. Basically, when I speak Portuguese in front of my students, I’m the kid and they’re the adult on-lookers.
So the arrival of two new teachers has not only given me a chance to meet new people, it’s given me a chance to be self-reflective. Tonight we’re going to Piola’s for pizza and drinks altogether–the five of us regular girls and the two newbies. Should be a good time.




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